Performing Arts February 2016

Talent Show

Congratulations to all of the Talent Show participants. Also, to the fifth grade emcees, who got to practice and show off their public speaking skills. You did a fantastic job and I'm so proud of all of you!


Kindergarten actors have been working on public speaking and body language using their Kid Town "characters" for inspiration. We've learned many new vocabulary words and phrases. On the job training, culinary school, and conservatory are just of few of them.

First, Second, & Third Grade

First grade actors are busy with Tacky the Penguin. Actors have lines almost memorized and will begin working with props next week. They are working on being focused and independent on stage as they learn their lines and blocking.

Second Graders have finished blocking Flat Stanley and are beginning to memorize their lines. They are working on creating a character, as well as stage presence and vocalization.

Third Grade student continue their work with Aesop's Fables and are taking real ownership over the process. I am very proud of their work so far. They have just started using props and are progressing well. They are using all the theater tools they have learned to create characters and work together.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Fourth and fifth graders are working on their public speaking skills. They presented their first information speech and are getting ready for their instructional speech. We will be continuing on, moving to interpretive/dramatic readings as well as practicing famous speeches. This is very challenging work and they are all up to the task.

Performance Dates

Tacky the Penguin: March 1st

Aesop's Fables: March 10th

Flat Stanley: March 31st