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November 3, 2017


Are you ready?? The dance starts tonight at 6:30 PM. Admission is $3 unless a signed Drug-Free pledge was turned in to the office last week. The free admission names are posted by the cafeteria door for those wanting to check their status.

The dance is casual - no fancy dress required! Students bringing bags, jackets, or hats may store those items in the Great Room. No outside food or drink will be admitted. Cell phones may be carried 'on your person' but may not be used during the dance. We will not text, call, photograph, or use social media during the dance. You may use your phones outside before and after the dance or with administrative permission during the dance.

Students may dance or walk around the gym, sit on the gym bleachers, or hang out in the cafeteria. Hand holding is permitted but all other displays of public affection are not. Dancing should be safe with all students on their own feet! All food and drink must stay in the cafeteria.

Remember that you cannot leave the dance prior to 9 PM unless your own parent signs you out at the main hall door. Make sure your ride is ready for 9 PM pick up and make double sure that your ride knows on which side of the building you'll be waiting. Cars with 8th graders should be on the office side and cars without 8th graders pick up on the bus side.

Parent chaperones will meet at 6:15 in the cafeteria. Thanks for bringing your parents and guardians to help us. If you arrive early with a chaperone, please wait in the admission lines.

Thanks to the SMS Student Council, the SMS SADD Chapter, SMS Art Club, Mrs. Zeigenbein, Mrs. Naugle, and Mrs. Owen for their collaborative effort and the opportunity we have tonight!

Bullying Prevention #3

The Courage to Do Something

When a bystander witnesses bullying, it can feel easier to just do nothing than to confront the bully. It’s common to be worried that the unwanted attention might turn to you. But what if you just show kindness to the one being bullied? By taking attention away from the bully, you take away some of that power. Better yet, the person being bullied knows someone noticed, someone cared, and someone showed the courage to help.

Today in homeroom we will all watch Burger King’s video “Bullying Jr.” Following the video discuss how some bystanders intervened by just being kind.

Discussion Questions

1) Could you do what the female bystander did - move in on a bullying situation and be kind?

2) One boy said “something I’ll never forget is my friend standing up for me” - how would you want to react if you saw a friend being bullied?

Train Ugly

Train Ugly is an awesome company founded by Trevor Ragan - a leading thinker and blogger on Growth Mindset. The Train Ugly website has a lot of rich content to instruct and inspire the growth mindset philosophy for learners, athletes, and other professionals. We'll be looking at some of their materials in the next few weeks.

Today we'll start by exploring the Train Ugly concept Growth Swag. According to Train Ugly, Growth Swag is the deep-rooted confidence that we can learn, grow, adapt, solve problems, and show crazy resilience when met with obstacles.

Rules of Growth Swag-
1. It’s difficult to acquire because it doesn’t come from observing or reading. Growth Swag comes from experiencing.
2. It’s a muscle that can be applied in new and different situations.
3. It’s a great way to develop a Growth Mindset

When we learn something new. When we move through a seemingly insurmountable challenge. When we are thrown into the arena, get knocked down, and get back up – our Growth Swag is strengthened.

Learning can build Growth Swag-

The process and progression of learning is the same, no matter what we’re learning: we start, we are bad, we struggle, we spend time, try new solutions, we figure it out.

And if you moved through that process once, you can do it again in a different arena:

If you can learn to shoot a ball, you can learn to dance. If you can learn English, you can learn Spanish. If you can get good at a video game, you can get good at algebra. If you can learn how to use a computer, you can learn to code, animate, and design.

Ways to get more Growth Swag-
Connect dots from the past. Recall times that you were brave, that you learned something new, that you showed resilience. You will absolutely face many more obstacles, big and small. But regardless of the magnitude, the process of moving through it is the same. Think "If you did that, you can do this."

According to Train Ugly, mistakes are where you grow. If you only do what you can already do, then you won't get better!

Train Ugly also talks about the differences between a jungle tiger and a zoo tiger. What do you think that is all about? We'll learn more about tigers in next week's Scoop!

“Growth Swag.”,

fUNdraiser Results

Thanks to all of the students that participated in our fUNdraiser! We earned $4,327 and are preparing our prizes! Here are some interesting statistics!

The team with the most participants = IGNITE.

The team with the most money collected = IGNITE.

Fifty-six students earned a free dance picture.

Fifty-three students earned an ice cream social.

Forty-one students earned spirit t-shirts.

Twenty students earned a lunch date for two.

Five students earned a spirit sweatshirt.

And these students will be your PRINCIPAL for a DAY soon!

Mia Collins (7), Raeann Baker (6), Breanna Herald (7), Bryce Monroe (6), and Allison Davis (6)! Congratulations and thank you to these top fUNders!

Good Sports!

Our winter sport season kicks off next week. Here is a quick rundown of the SMS procedures for basketball games.

  • All students are welcome to attend games. Games start at 6 PM. Students must go home after school and return to campus for sports.
  • Admission for SCSD2 students (K-12) is free at all regular season SMS home games. Free admission for students does not apply to elementary, high school, or SMS tournament games. Non-student admission is $4. Parents and other sports fans may purchase a Warrior Pass, which allows for 10 game admissions at a cost of $30. A Warrior Pass can be used for any SMS 6, 7, or 8 home boys or girls game.
  • The SMS Student Section is the third bleacher section (where 6th graders sit at assemblies). All students will sit there or sit with parents.
  • Students attending the game should watch the game unless reporting to the hallway for concession purchases or restroom use. Locker rooms and the locker room hallway are off limits to fans. Students may not leave the building unless leaving campus.
  • The SMS Cheerleaders lead the student section! We cheer loudly in support of our team. We do not boo, heckle, or otherwise bother opponents, visiting fans, or officials.
  • Student fans should be picked up promptly at the end of games. Students needing to call for rides, should do so with one minute remaining on the clock. Staying extra late after a game could result in a ban on attendance.

Congrats to our Spell Bowl Champions!

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News to Know


Archery club starts Tuesday. Practice will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:30 in the East Gym. Have your ride pick you up at 4:30 sharp. Sign up on the Canvas Community page if you plan to join.


Winterguard is holding it's first practice is Tuesday, November 7th from 3:30-6:30 in the SMS band room. There is no sign up for this event. Just show up at 3:30 ready to stretch, move, dance, work! Make sure your ride is ready at 6:30 sharp!


Wednesday, November 8th is Mid-Term Day. Parents will be asked to check academic progress in Harmony AND will receive a parent newsletter via email. Make sure your work is up-to-date!

Picture Retakes

SMS picture retakes will be taken on Thursday, November 16th. All students that were absent or not yet enrolled at SMS on picture day will be asked to sit for a picture. These students will be given a picture order form next week. Any student that is dissatisfied with a paid picture package can also return that complete, uncut package for a free retake.

Need Pancakes?

Do you like all-you-can-eat pancakes? If so, join the Builders Club at the United Methodist Church this Saturday from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM for a $5 all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. We look forward to seeing you there!

Next Week...

Mon. Nov. 6: B day, DT Field Trip, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, 7/8 GBB v. N Harrison

Tue. Nov. 7: A day, Assembly 1:00, Archery 3-4:30, Art Club 3-4, Drama Club 3-4:15, Robotics 3:30-5, Winterguard 3:30-6:30

Wed. Nov. 8: B day, Cross 7:45am, Mid-Term Day, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, 7/8 BBB v. St. John's

Thu. Nov. 9: A day, Drama 3-4:15, Archery 3-4:30, Winterguard 3:30-6:30, 7/8 GBB @ Silver Creek

Fri. Nov. 10: B day, Cool Ray Field Trip

Sat. Nov. 11: 7/8 BBB @ Salem Tourney, 6 BBB & 6 GBB @ Hanover Shootout