Mrs. Shahnavaz's Kindergarten

February 11 - 15

A Peek at Our Week

This week we started a new unit of study in both writer's workshop and reader's workshop on non-fiction, as well as a unit on animals and habitats in science. I love that these units coincide, because the kids really get to see how non-fiction authors organize their writing as well as the purpose of non-fiction texts, and it flows naturally into sharing lots of books about animals. We also started addition in math! These kids are amazing! Here are the specific skills we covered this week:

Reading: Introducing non-fiction texts, learning about special features of non-fiction texts such as table of contents, glossaries, captions, and bold words.

Phonics: words with -ay sound, finding chunks in words, rhyming words.

Writing: We made a list of topics we could write about from people, places, holidays, sports, animals and foods. Most of the kids are on their second non-fiction book. They are now working on creating their own table of contents for their book.

Math: What addition means, writing number sentences, how to make combinations of 5.

Science: Animals have different coverings (fur, feathers, skin, scales, and spines.)

Matter Experiment

We finished up our unit on matter this week with an experiment. The kids have been learning about the states of matter and that matter can change. This change can be chemical or physical. For this experiment, we put vinegar in a water bottle, attached a balloon with baking soda inside, and tipped the contents of the balloon into the bottle. The kids were able to see the chemical and physical changes. Watch as Kellen, Sopie, Matthew, and Claire explain their observations!
Matter Experiment

Kindergarten Curriculum

The kindergarten curriculum has gotten rigorous over the last few years, so you are probably thinking that your child's experience in kindergarten is nothing like your kindergarten experience. With the switch to Common Core standards, the curriculum goes much deeper than in the past. You can read more about what your child will be learning this year at the Indiana Department of Education website.

Mrs. Shahnavaz

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