Muscular and Skeletal System

By: Meg Sudiana

Role of the Muscular and Skeletal system in the human body

The Muscle major role of our Human Skeletal system is to help hold us up and give us shape and movement and also allow our bodies to have areas where vital organs can be. This is seen where our rib cage is convex in shape and it allows for a big area inside it for our heart, liver, lungs etc to fit.

Even though our human bodies do not have an outside armour like other animals/insects on Earth, our Human bodies Skeletal system design is also protective because it protects important organs in our body like our Skull protects our brain, our Ribs our heart,lungs, liver and kidneys etc.

The bones in our skeletal system are made from calcium that we get from our food. Muscles are very important in our Human body because they help to hold our Skeletal structure in the correct position. Muscles also move bones by contracting and relaxing which causes pulling and pushing actions like walking. If a muscle is damaged for example it is strained (even if we sleep the wrong way) the pulling of the muscle can actually be so painful that it could pull bones out of their place and cause sever pain like neck pain where a v=nerve can be caught between the neck bones because of the strained muscle.
The Skeletal and Muscular System


The skeletal system come's in many forms.
Humans have skeltons on the inside of their bodies and this is called a Endoskeleton (Skeleton on the inside).
The endoskeleton
is made from bones and is protected by muscles, organs, vascular system, fat and skin.

Crustaceans and Insects have a skeletal systems on the outside of their bodies and these are called exoskeletons ( skeleton on the outside)
The exoskeletons is made from a chemical called chitin and it is like little fibers all glued together that form hard plates that protect the animal/insect.
A example of an animal with a exoskeleton is a a crab. An example of a insect with an Exoskeleton is a ant.
The exoskeleton is like an outside body Armour.

What do we need a skeleton for ?

We need it so we can stand up.
Without it we could not move or do anything!
The muscles around a Human skeleton give the skeleton support because without muscles a skeleton would be like jelly!

Did you know you have more than 600 muscles in your body?

When a muscle relaxes & contracts it causes a reaction. This makes a movement.

If you were to cut a muscle in your arm (see diagram above) because someone ran over your arm with a surfboard fin and chopped across a muscle in your arm (the white part in the diagram above) then you would not be able to lift your arm and your arm would have no movement. So the only thing to do would be to get it stitched back up and then when it healed it would be able to help to support the arms movement as it contracted and relaxed.

Please see below diagram where it is showing how the movement of muscles can raise an arm and also support the human skeleton.

Interesting facts about the skeletal system in some animals that have Exoskeletons.

HORSESHOE CRAB is an excellent example of a animal that has a skeleton on the outside and the skeleton is made up from a chemical called chitin. Scientists have discovered that by using stitches (for sewing people up) that are dipped in chitin that is taken from the shells of horseshoe crabs, people that have been sewn up with the chitin dipped stitches have reported that there cuts can heal 35-50% quicker than without being dipped.

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