Reading Fiction Project

By: Gabriel Sutton

Who Wrote the Book and Pictures

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was written by J. K. Rowling. It was published on July 2 1998. ( J. K. Rowling below and book cover to the side)
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Summary (Bold is a start to a new pargraph, tab wouldn't work)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is about how Harry Potter goes to Hog Warts. At Hog Warts The Chamber of Secrets is open. The Chamber being open is a sign of something bad. To open the Chamber of Secrets you have to be Slytherin's Heir. Slytherin's Heir was last Lord Veldomort and the Chamber hadn't been open for fifty years.

Harry knew how to speak to snakes (Parseltongue). Since the snake was the symbol of Slytherin people thought if you could talk Pareltoungue then you were Slytherin's heir. But everyone changed their minds when Hermione was attacked, they knew he wouldn't attack her. Hermione had information to what it was. Harry ended up finding that and realizing it was a Basilisk. Traveling through pipes to get places. Harry and Ron went to tell the head consoler but everyone was called back to the dorms and no one was suppose to leave and he heard the teachers talking. He heard that Professor Gilderoy Lockhart was going to fight the Basilisk.

Gilderoy said he didn't even know where the Chamber was (he stated he did in his books). Harry Potter and Ron took him to where it was and opened up the entrance to the Chamber. They sent down Lockhart first, then Harry, finally Ron. Gilderoy Lockhart took Ron's wand and yelled out a spell causing the rocks to fall separating them. Harry Potter was stuck on the other side so he called to them telling them he will fight the Basilisk himself. When he got in there Tom Riddle was there and the Basilisk was too.

Tom sent the Basilisk to kill Harry because Harry took Lord Veldomort's powers. Tom was Voldemort. So Tom was trying to kill Harry. Harry ended having help from a magic Hat sent by Dumbledore and a Phoenix sent by him also. The Phoenix stabbed out the eyes of the Basilisk and Tom got made demanding the Basilisk to kill Harry. The Basilisk attack and Harry stabbed him with the sword of Gryffindor and stabbed it in the roof of its mouth and the tooth sank into Harry's arm. The Basilisk was very poisonous. So Harry was going to die and Voldemort's powers would be restored. But, the Phoenix cried on Harry's arm and the tears of a Phoenix will heal any wound. So Harry was fine and defeated Tom Riddle and saved Ginny. Hog Warts went back to normal and school began again.

Characters and Character Trait Chart

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets there where a few main characters. Such as Harry Potter the protagonist and Ron and Hermione which where both protagonist also. There are two antagonist Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle), and Draco Malfoy.

Harry Potter- Curious- This is shown when he investigates the first attack. Also, when he Harry and Ron investigated all the attacks and tried finding the Chamber of Secrets. Finally, this is proven by Harry investigating Hermione in the hospital and seeing that she has information and taking the rolled up paper from the hands of a petrified body.

Ron- Annoyed- Ron is proven to be easily annoyed. Such as the times Hermione is talking about information that isn't important to Ron him-self he gets annoyed. Also, when walking down the hallway with Gilderoy Lockhart, Lockhart complains and he tells him to shut up in an annoyed tone. Ron gets annoyed greatly when he doesn't understand what he is supposed to do. Last but not least, Ron gets annoyed because of other ignorance and wants to hurt that person. This manly happens with Draco Malfoy.

Hermione- Caring- This is proven when Ron's wand blows up on him she asked him if he was okay and helped him up. Also, when Harry was getting called out for the attacks (people saying it was him) she stood up for him and knew it wasn't him. Finally, she proves this when Hermione helps them in things they need to get done so they don't get in trouble, such as homework and other things.

Draco- Rude- Him being rude is proven when he makes fun of Ron when Ron's wand blew up on him. Also, Draco and Harry were learning spells to disarm their opponent but Draco did not follow the rules, he didn't use the disarming charm. This proves he is rude and doesn't care about Harry. Finally, Draco will bully anyone and shove them down and yell at them and make fun of them. These examples prove that he is rude.

Tom Riddle- Cunning- He is cunning because he was cunning enough to use dark magic to posses a book to get closer to Harry. Also, he was smart enough to use the Basilisk to his advantage. In conclusion, Tom is cunning because he lured in Ginny in and was smart enough to get her to believe he was good and took her.

How the Setting Effects the Plot

The place of it being in Hog Warts a school for learning witches and wizards, helps us know why there are monsters and how they are throwing fireworks into a caldron. Also, without the setting we wouldn't understand how they are on flying broom-sticks. The setting effects the plot because without the setting we wouldn't have the ability to know how there are wizards with wands. Finally, without the setting we wouldn't know why there is a chamber nor why there are a bunch of kids in a building, such as the school. That's how the setting effects the plot.

Point of View

In this story the point of view is third person omniscience. This is important because it tells you how Harry and Ron feel about something. Also, this helps us know how others feel about school work, other people, and activates. Without the point of view being third person omniscience we wouldn't know there feeling. Also, sometimes the story changes to third person limited when quoting for people who are not important to the story as much as other characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Finally, the point of view being in third person omniscience helps us understand the characters emotions. That's why the point of view is important to the story.


Conflict 1- Harry and Ron missed the train to get to Hog Warts. Since they missed the train the had to think of a way to get there. The only way they could get there is a flying car which was their parents. Ron knew his parents would be made but he really needed the car to get to Hog Warts. So, Ron and Harry got in the car flew to Hog Warts and made it there on time and got in to the school fine.

Conflict 2- Harry and Ron were being attacked by the tree they hit because at Hog Warts (a wizard school) there are trees that can move and use their branches as arms. Since they were being attacked they need to get out of the car. Once the car was hit back they jumped out and got free. The trees continued to beat the car which ended up flying away.

Conflict 3- The car was spotted by humans who didn't know about the wizard and witch world, so they freaked out and reported it. Because people saw the car Hog Warts teachers and staff wondered who had flown the car. Ron and Harry were reported as the people who had flown the car and got in trouble. Also, Ron's father who owned the car got in trouble for "letting" them drive it even though he had know idea that they had.

Conflict 4- The "Chamber of Secrets was opened." Since the chamber was open there was a monster released and no one knew what it was. This monster petrified people and because of the people being petrified no one could say what it was. Because of people being petrified the school was going to close, so no other kids would be petrified.

Conflict 5- The monster from the Chamber of Secrets took a girl. Since, this girl was trapped down in the chamber. This girl was Ginny, Ginny was a friend of Harrys and Ron's sister. Since it was Ron's sister Harry wanted to help. They found the Chamber of Secrets.

Conflict 6- Harry went into the Chamber of Secrets with Ron and Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry was walking in front of them. Gilderoy Lockhart grabbed Ron's wand and yelled a spell but instead of casting the spell it blew up causing rocks to fall in front of Ron and Gilderoy and behind Harry.

Conflict 7- Harry was split apart of Ron and Gilderoy Lockhart so he didn't have any back up when fighting the monster. So Harry had to carry on and go alone.

Conflict 8- Harry was fighting the basilisk alone and couldn't beat it because of its speed.

Conflict 9- A phoenix was sent a stabbed out the eyes of the basilisk. So, Harry went and struck it. When, Harry did so he was bite. The basilisk bite is very poisonous, so poisonous that Harry would die. But this was solved when the phoenix tears hit his wound.

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In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" the theme is "Danger Comes in All Shapes and Sizes." This applies because Ginny was lured into trouble and danger from a book. The book was cursed with dark magic, so Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort) could read her emotions. Also, the basilisk is a huge snake about 2 stories tall. Including, the small little baby that is a plant and when you pull it out of the ground it yells and screams. This scream is so loud it can make your ears bleed. When it gets older and grows it can kill a full grown man. These examples prove that "Danger Come in all Shapes and Sizes."