Ancient Roman Religion

By: Jamie Pearson

All About That Religion

Roman religion played a very important roll in the Romans lifestyle, it was important to worship their gods everyday.

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More Roman Religion

Here is more Roman religion! Romen religion was centered around gods and explanations for events usually involved the gods in some way, shape, or form. Equally important, The Romans believed that gods controlled their lives and, as a result, spent a great deal of their time worshiping them, this was also something really important in their religion.

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The Great Emperor Augustus!

THE GREAT, AND POWERFUL... EMPEROR AUGUSTUS!!! After the reign of the Emperor Augustus, who lived from 27 BC - 14 AD, the emperor was considered to be a god and he was worshiped on special occasions. He was worshiped and praised as if he were any other god would have.

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Festivals for the gods

Do you like celebrations or festivals? Then this is a great fact for you! Each god had a special festival in celebration of the gods. Fun fact, usually the celebration was on a public holiday.

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The wonderful "Lares"

The Romans had a god or spirit at home! And its name was....."LARES", which was worshiped everyday at home.
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cool temple facts

Aren't temples great? Well, now their even better! Because this fact will blow you away. Did you know temples usually always follow the same building pattern? Yes! They do! Likewise, At some temples, priests would sacrifice animals and offer the to the gods.

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