home design of the future

grade 9 cpt snc1d1 stoncious connor daly

sustainable ecosystems

1. To create a green environment in my home, I would do a variety of different things. I would grow a lot of my own food, such a vegetables and fruits, and possibly even make my own bread with my own grain. I would compost to grow other plants. In example, I would use the leftover skins of a cucumber to add into my soil to grow more cucumbers, which their skins I would use to grow more, and that endless cycle would continue and apply to all the other produce I grew.

2. In my garden I would grow everything I could. My biome would not limit what I could grow because I would put my garden in my house and have custom heating and lighting so that I could grow things that don't normally grow in Canada; such as: Oranges, Lemons, Mangoes, Avacados, finger monkeys and ETC.

3. I wouldn't have to worry about killing my produce with car pollution due to the fact that it is an indoor garden, but if my garden was outside, I would try buy a car that runs on electricity, or I could get a normal gas car & just park further away.

4. For waste management I would use my garden reuse system.

5. I would sponser the panda because it completely harmless & barely has any human benefits, its huntings are for fun which is cruel and horrible


1. Mercury is very deadly because its a skin irritater and a death causer. Chlorine, due to its poisenousness and it can damage skin or eyes on contact. Formaldehyde, a deadly irritant that can cause cancer of contact, this making its proabably one of the scariest most dangerous chemicals, found in various products around the house.


3. Row 12

4.Non - metal


1. I will use solar power , this is very sustainable because this is using natural resources to power most of my appliances. Future generations will have much to work with

2. As far as physical structure goes, using a house that has a triangular roof for more solar panels, therefor more efficient. Along with this, I would have a house with little uneeded appliances, such as dishwashers. I could always wash by hand, yes this doesnt seem very practical but once it becomes a routine it will not be a very big deal.

3. A toaster oven, due to the fact that it is a toaster and an oven so I can cook dishes and toast bread, instead of using seperate appliances. This will save power. Along with this I plan on using. Another thing I would invest in is EnergyStar appliances. Especially their heating and cooling system, due to the fact that in summer and winter, cooling and heating are very much so a problem.

4. The light bulbs I would include in my home are LED's. I would use these because they produce alot of light and energy yet are the most effecient lightbulbs.