Web 2.0 2014

You thought you knew the web.......Think Again!

An Interactive, Collaborative Round Table on Where the Web is Today?

A chance to meet and discuss with your esteemed colleagues, as if CMI, RTI, SIOP, PLC are not enough. The focus will highlight WEB 2.0. Please be prepared to discuss, drink, and be merry!

Web 2.0 Discussion

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 9pm

Sam Thompson's House

Come one come all, after CMI training Friday afternoon. Sam will be giving kids rides in his Ford Explorer, "Vanilla Ice".

A great opportunity to chit-chat about your WEB 2.0

Schedule of Events

4:00-4:15-Welcome, Meet and Greet (please place name tag on at this time)

4:15-4:17-Break out Session on Quizlet

4:18-4:20-Break out Session on Popplet

4:21-4:24-Guest Speaker Tim O'Reilly (this is not the guy from the tv show the FACTOR)

4:25-4:27-Break out Session on Smores

4:28-4:30-Share Out...3 Highlights of the Day

4:31-5:00-Please take this time for EXIT TICKET