January 21 to 25


This week, we are continuing to read Fairy Tales, and we are also going to be learning how to do a Persuasive Argument. Our topic in school will be "Should Children Choose their own Bedtime". We have not yet written our Science test, but will do that on Monday. We have just finished up Addition and Subtraction using various strategies and booklets will be coming home this week. We will continue to work on "Macao in the Past" and will start a new unit in Science on Magnets.

In Math, we are also working on counting backwards by 1's from 100, and then backward by 2's from 100. Please practice this at home, as it can be very challenging for students.

Tuesday Project #15 - Should Children Have Homework Every Night?

In class we are working on how to do a Persuasive Argument. On the blog, write whether you think you should have homework every night. Write Yes or No and tell why you think that.

Math Magician Challenge

Students have been working on addition and subtraction facts to 18. In an effort to increase their speed, I am encouraging students to go to Math Magician.


On this website, they have 1 minute to answer 20 questions. I have told students that if they are able to do Level 1 and Level 2 Addition and Subtraction and get 100%, they can print out the certificate, and bring it in to me for a gold coin. They can only do that if they have not already received a gold coin in class for this. Our virtue of the month is PERSEVERANCE so this website is a good one to practice that. Already 4 students have done all the levels.


Just a reminder that students should be wearing proper TIS uniforms. If you are not sure what all the requirements are, please check this link.


Also, there has been one change, and that is that girls can now wear girls black or red tights in addition to white or grey. However, the tights need to be plain in colour (no patterns or designs).

Keep an Ice Cube from Melting

Last week, students had the challenge to keep an ice cube from melting, and had to build a device with insulation. Here are some of the devices that were build. We found out that if there was more than one kind of insulation (such as foam AND feathers or newspaper) that it worked better.