Ryan's portfolio

photo journalism


This first category consist of my three personal best photoshop pictures.

Elements of composition

The next category consist of my five personal best photo of Elements of composition.

The superb six

These last six photos are of my personal over all best. I'll leave you to figure out what you like best about them as well.

Written reflection

My experience in this class was an amazing one. I've learned a lot more than I thought I ever would. In my mind i believe I've truly have become a better photographer and a better journalist. My favorite part has to be just taking pictures, learning how that everything has beauty and there are plenty of elements to take a grate photo all around us no matter where we are. I have always been very interested in the world of photography and with taking this class it has truly shown me just how amazing photojournalism is.

Camera operations

To power on/off the camera you hit the on and off button. To enable macro/super macro you hit the flower button and slide over to the macro or super macro options. To replace the batteries and the SD card you flip the camera over and expose its belly then undo the latch to expose the batteries and SD card. To zoom in and out you can look on the side of the camera to ring the zoom in and out analog stick, also works to enlarge an image. Ti change the date and time go to options and find date and time

SAT alphabite