Language Arts with Mrs. Sparks

Unit 2 Newsletter

Unit 2 Update

Hello all! Hope you are well. Time is flying by in Language Arts this year. The unit we are currently wrapping up is entitled "What Influences My Choices." We have studied advertisements, the effect they have on consumers, and the techniques they use to persuade. Your student successfully analyzed an advertisement and created their own ad for the Writing Embedded Assessment.

We are now nearing the end of Unit 2 and soon the students will be completing a letter to the editor. We are studying articles and editorials in class--identifying their arguments, claims, and support. At home feel free to be reading articles in the newspaper, in magazines, or online discussing the arguments the author's make (your student should be able to tell you all about it).

Another exciting happening in class is our use of Edmodo. Thanks for signing off for your student to have permission to use this site. It makes learning more accessible and exciting! I encourage you to create your own Edmodo profile ( and please join our classes online to see what we're into. Click on the "Join Group" feature and enter the access code for the class your student is in.

-1st Block: yy2ods

-2nd Block: z1xobo

-4th Block: 5v1oxn

Thanks for all your support and allowing me the joy of spending the day with your students!

PS- Don't forget about the Clark Middle Library Media Center page (it is very helpful and useful)

Also, a great website for what to read: