Noah Flynn

"Girl Online On Tour" by Zoe Sugg

Brianne Sinks

Brooklyn Boy

In this sequel to Girl Online, Noah Flynn is described as a rock-god with very edgy clothing. He is from New York City becoming the up next musically inclined star while Penny, the main character from Brighton, England, did not know about his fame in the first book. In this novel, Noah is asked to be on the European tour with a boy band The Sketch where Penny joins along. They are publicly dating, but endure some conflicts with a stalker and ruined friendships. Noah brings energy and power when performing on stage but is very classy and collective when the spotlight is not on him. He has not very good time management with rehearsals, interviews, and trying to spend time with Penny. Penny's blog "Girl Online" calls Noah 'Brooklyn Boy' where she vents about her experiences and arguments with him.

The Sketch featuring special guest Noah Flynn

Thursday, June 25th 2015 at 6:30pm

The Brighton Centre

This was the first event Noah played on the tour, which was played in Penny's home city.

From Brooklyn Boy to Noah Flynn

After Noah's parents died in a skiing accident, Noah went to live with Sadie Lee and his sister Bella in New York. This was the time where he started to discover his musical talent and began uploading covers of songs onto YouTube. His singing videos went viral starting the transformation from the laptop screen to on stage performances. His first performances take place in Girl Online On Tour with being the special guest for The Sketch. Also on the tour with him is Leah Brown, a pop-star was Noah's fake girlfriend giving both artists more publicity.

Noah and Penny

Noah's first hit album titled Autumn Girl was inspired and became a huge hit due to drama in the media about Leah Brown and Noah. Noah wrote the song Autumn Girl about Penny Porter, better known as Girl Online. They met each other while in New York with Noah's grandmother being a cook for the wedding Penny's parents were planning. The two traveled around the city on a Magical Mystery Day and became each others Inciting Incidents. The two became an item after the Christmas trip and reunite for the European tour Noah is featured in, but the two face complications while on the tour life in prominent cities we dream of.