Mrs. Robb's Class

By Mrs. Robb's 2nd Grade Class

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Mrs. Robb

by Aaliyah

Mrs. Robb is a kind teacher. Mrs. Robb is a helpful teacher, she helps us when we need it. Mrs. Robb always makes us happy and is always happy. Mrs. Robb is the best.

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Our Class

by Seth

In our class, we try our best and we treat our teacher nice. We like to play games. We like to play "Hello Judge."

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by Oscar

In my class in math - we use whiteboards for math sentences. We learned doubles, subtraction, and addition. We do Dreambox and SeeSaw activities.

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by Addie

What do we do in writing in Mrs. Robb's class? We do OREO opinion writing. I wrote about pop-its. I love to write so much. I love to write jokes.

What did the triangle say to the circle? You are pointless!

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By Jackson

You can to learn how to read by sounding it out. You have to be quiet. I like Mighty Robot books. Do you like to read? You can do it digital and you can group read.

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Content - Black History Month

by Jose

In my class, we learn about Black History Month. In Black History month we learned about racism. We learned about Famous Black People.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.