book 11

by Jake Nelson

book 11

“ ‘You want to know,’ said he, 'about your return home, but heaven will make this hard for you. I do not

think that you will escape the eye of Poseidon, who still nurses his bitter grudge against you for having

blinded his son. Still, after much suffering you may get home if you can restrain yourself and your

companions when your ship reaches the Thrinacian island,” There is more to this quote, but one of the ghosts is telling Odysseus what will happen to him, that he will make it home if he does some things. He should listen to the ghost and do what he’s told

“My mother answered, ‘Your wife still remains in your house, but she is in great distress of mind and spends

her whole time in tears both night and day. No one as yet has got possession of your fine property, and

Telemachus still holds your lands undisturbed. He has to entertain largely, as of course he must, considering

his position as a magistrate, and how everyone invites him; your father remains at his old place in the country

and never goes near the town. He has no comfortable bed nor bedding;” the ghost of Odysseus mother is telling him things that are happening at his house right now. This should make him want to head straight home.

On this I hastened back to my ship and

ordered my men to go on board at once and loose the hawsers; so they embarked and took their places,

whereon the ship went down the stream of the river Oceanus. We had to row at first, but presently a fair wind

sprang up. Odysseus is back on his ship and on his way again. He should do like the ghosts told him and head straight home

The main characters in this book are odysseus and all the ghosts that he talk to. The ghosts tell him things that can help him get home if he listens to them