Howard Suamico Daily News

Aubrey Peters

Citizens Spending Free Time to Walk Relatives Dogs

It was around mid-day on spring break when Aubrey, Elise and Chad Peters arrived at the bay to walk their grandpa's cousin's dogs. To see that all the ice was finally gone! Shadow and Copper were very thrilled to go and walk by the water and play. Aubrey said "Shadow do you want to go play by the water?" but, he was already running there. The weather was around mid 30's so it was a short playtime. The first couple days of break weren't as warm but had plenty of sun.

The warm sun beat down on the rock hard ice. The ice melted after the week the ice fisherman had to be off the ice.The ice fisherman have to be off the ice by March 8th. This only included the large ice shacks. At your own risk you could use your portable ice shacks. The water is cold but, that doesn't stop the fisherman. Shadow and Copper are very amused by the boats in the water and are always waiting to take a short walk by the cold water.

Bay View Track

On April 7th Bay View track began. We met all of our coaches including Mrs. Shultz, Ms. Wood and Mrs. Wiltzius. The coaches introduced what students will be expected to do in track. The students slowly began warmup to introduce the new members without overwhelming them. Bay View Girls Track warmup consists of butt kicks, high knees, lunges, jumping and push-ups. There are more exercises they do but, it depends on the day.

After warmup students were put in groups and sent to their stations. The stations were running, sprinting, abs, weights, dot drills and stairs. In running members ran around the second floor of Bay View for five minutes. When students sprinted they ran from the art rooms to the elevator. During abs they did many different kind of planks. In the weight station members could do whatever workout they wanted as long as it involved weights. The last two exercises were dot drills and stairs students did different patterns of dot drills and stair climbing. Students had about five minutes at each station.

Bay View Track had to practice inside because, the weather was in the 30's. After they finished their stations they had a team meeting and were dismissed to feel sore tomorrow.

Grandchildren help with Yard Work in the Spring Months

On Tuesday April 14th at around five o'clock. Aubrey, Elise and their grandma Norma Peters picked up trash along the shore line on Lake Leone. Norma Peters has lived on Lake Leone for more than thirty years. Every year she is picking up litter along the shore line after the snow melts.

Aubrey and Elise Peters offered to help with this job along with various complaints. "Ouch, that's pokey" said Aubrey. "I can get anything with my stick!" said Elise. "Did you fall in yet?" said Aubrey. Over a course of an hour Aubrey, Elise and Norma had to quit to get a snack.

During that hour they spent cleaning up the yard they found an assortment of items. They had found garbage bags, paper, styrofoam and even a full piece of wood. They will continue another day when they have time between their homework and sports. After many hours lake Leone is back to it's natural beauty.