Progressive Introduction

Haley Munson, Amber Beaver, Emily Seaford

Who are the progressives?

- The progressives are people who thought they could improve society

- Normally the rich and privileged

- Began as a social movement but turned political

What did they do?

- Fought for many things including women's suffrage, government reform, and improving dangerous working conditions

- Largest focus on working conditions

- Most progressive journalists were referred to as muckrakers because they would expose corruption and problems of society and industrialization

Famous Progressives

Who were against the Progressives?

- J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, & Cornelius Vanderbilt


- Because they owned large corporations that were being exposed for corruption

Why did the progressives do this?

- They wanted to see working class conditions improve

-- many working class people lived in poverty, because they worked long hours with little pay

- fought for women's suffrage because they believed women should have the same rights as men

- fought for government reform because the government was more focussed on making money rather than helping the people

- fought for an equal opportunity for all Americans to succeed