Google Code-in Contest

Starting from December 7th to January 25th

What is Google Code-in Contest

Brief Description:

Google Code-in is a contest introducing 13-17-year-old pre-university students to open source software development. There are 14 open source platforms providing tasks for the competition. Students may choose 1 or more platforms and claim the tasks provided by the platform. At the end of the competition, each platform will choose 10 finalists for their company, and the top 2 as their Grand Prize Winner. Scan the QR code for more info.


  1. Must be at least 13 years of age and no older than 17 years of age
  2. Must be enrolled in a pre-university program (i.e. High School)
  3. Must obtain parent or legal guardian's consent to participate in this contest


  • Completing 3 or more tasks: Digital Certificates and T-shirt
  • Nominated as Finalist: Digital Certificates stating that you are a finalist and T-shirt or hoodies
  • Grand Prize Winner: All of the above with a TRIP TO GOOGLE HEADQUARTER for FREE
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If you are interested, come to room 111 at 3 pm Tuesday