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Hinduism first started in India by the Aryans in which they took over India. They had all the other people in India become servants and forced to do work that was needed.


Hinduism is a religion that practices many beliefs and a social caste that leads to their way of life. First Hinduism believes in three main ideas the first is called reincarnation. Reincarnation is a cycle of life in which a soul is born, dies and is reborn again. Reborn again means that you start a new life after you die.


Dharma is a set of rules that Hindus should follow in order to move up in reincarnations. Dharma is different for each person and each person should govern themselves in order to follow the rules that are set for them.


Karma in Hinduism is every action that you do has an affect on you. The affect can happen to you during your current life on your next life. Good karma is given when you provide good actions while bad karma is received when bad actions are coming from you.

Caste system

Introducing Hinduism
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Buddhism is a belief system that also first started in India. Its beliefs are to follow the four noble truths and the eight fold path. The founder of Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama and he created this belief system because of his experiences around his life. He believed if that you follow him and practiced his teachings, you will find the true end of suffering for you.

Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths are the truths about suffering in your life, they are: 1) Life is suffering. 2) Suffering is caused by desires. 3) Ending your suffering requires you to end your desires. 4) To end your suffering, you must follow the EightFold Path. These truths were meant to help people figure out how to end suffering and reach Nirvana.

EightFold Path

The EightFold Path is a system that continues out of the Four Noble Truths. The EightFold Path are like the requirements for ending suffering and reaching Nirvana. The EightFold Path is
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Affect on Life

Buddhists beliefs affect the daily life of a Buddhist because every Buddhist wants to stop their suffering and the four noble truths say to follow the eight fold path to achieve this. The eight fold path affects what a Buddhist can do daily with themselves or as reactions to others.



Confucianism first started in China by Confucius. Confucianism is more like an ethical system than a belief system. It believes in the Five Basic Relationships and Taoism and that everyone has a place in society.

Five Basic Relationships

The Five Basic Relationships are relationships that people are involved in. They are 1) Ruler to Subject, 2) Father to Son, 3) Elder brother to Younger brother, 4) Husband to Wife, 5) Friend to Friend. The first person in these relationships are supposed to be respected by the second person and in return the first person would be fair to the second person. Friend to Friend can mean an older friend to a younger friend or a male friend to a female friend.


Taoism is the belief to find happiness. Taoism states that when man lives naturally, they will find happiness, but man is unable to find happiness because of the rules of society that they must follow are not natural. This means that to fulfill this happiness man must free themselves from the rules of the universe which is called "Tao".
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Affect on Life

The beliefs of Confucius affect the daily life of its followers because they need to be respectful everyday at everyplace to everyone older than them. Women also need to be respectful of men orders regardless of the age.



Judaism is a religion which involved the Hebrews and Jewish people that believe in one God. The Hebrews were a group living in the Fertile Crescent and they recorded their activities in a book called the Torah. Their major beliefs are Covenant binding, Old Testament and the Ten Commandments.


A covenant is an agreement with someone. Abraham was the first to use it with God. This agreement says that if God does something for Abraham, Abraham will do something for God. This type of agreement was passed on to many generations since then.

Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are rules that everyone who believes in this one God should follow. They are 1) Thou shall have no gods before me, 2) Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, 3) Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, 4) Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy, 5) Honor thy Father and thy mother, 6) Thou shall not kill, 7)Thou shall not commit adultery, 8) Thou shall not steal, 9) Thou shall not bear against neighbor, 10) Thou shall not covet anything from neighbors.



Christianity is a worldwide religion that was founded by Jesus. The religion is practiced around the holy book, the bible and was started in Jerusalem. The religion was spread throughout the world and is practiced everywhere today. The main beliefs are the Ten Commandments, believing in one God, going to heaven after death, and the resurrection of Jesus after he died on the cross. The practices are also a very important part of the religion which are praying, going to church and following the Ten Commandments. The code of conduct for the Christian religion would be the Ten Commandments which are found in the holy book, the bible. The final resting place is heaven and is believed that all Christians will go to heaven after they have died so that their soul can be with God.

Affect on daily life

Christianity's affect of its followers is the belief of hope. Many of the poor people in Christianity will have more confidence in themselves so that they can become more wealthy. Christianity was mostly affecting the poor because the rich are okay and don't need hope for more wealth.
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The start of Islam was in Mecca. The founder was Muhammad who believes that he has been called from an angel named Gabriel to be the messager of the god, Allah. His teaching was that there was only one God and all others must be abandoned. This started the religion Islam.

The Five Pillars

The Five Pillars are duties that Muslims have to do to be a Muslim. These five duties are faith that there is only one God, Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger; praying five times a day; giving charity; fasting for one month and visiting Mecca at least once in their life.


The spread of Islam started in 632 were Muhammad died. People who were close to Muhammad and were chosen to be the next leader were called caliphs. Abu-bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali were the first elected caliphs who all knew Muhammad.

Affect on daily life

The daily life of a Muslim is majorly impacted by its religion. Along with the Five Pillars (which add five rules to their life) they have other morals, customs and laws that they have to follow. Also they have to follow their holy book Qur'an. Muslims may not eat any pork or drink alcoholic beverages and Friday afternoons are set for communal services.
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