Civil War Battles

Harley Ward

Battle of Antietam

The battle began on September 17, it was a really short battle.The battle lasted 8 hrs from start to finish, the Battle of Antietam was the deadliest single fighting day of the entire Civil War. This war was a key victory for the union. This battle led up to the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves in the rebellious slave states. So the Slaves in the (border States) were not freed. Lincoln fired McClellan, because he let the rebels get away, when the rebels backed off, McClellan backed off instead of following the rebels and ending the War. At the beginning of the War Lincoln claimed it was about Union, but by the end of the battle, Lincoln claimed it was about Slavery.

Battle of GettysBurg

The Battle of GettysBurg started on July 4. The union also got a new general, George Meed. This was the same time that the south was hoping to gain help from Britain and Frances, but that was quickly put to end when Lincoln declared that the war was about slavery, which Britain and France believed it was wrong, so they would not help in the war. This war lead to lincoln to make the gettysburg address. Which it was a speech he wrote in hopes of bringing the union back together.

Battle of VicksBurg

The battle of VIcksBurg started in April. The new union general Grant, he attacked first. Grants amazing plan was to block all of the ports, the rivers, and the coast from the confederate. Grants hoped to squeeze the confederate, which he succeded. This battle put the Union in a amazing position, the union got complete control of the Mississippi River. This plan was called the Andaconda Plan. The end of this battle put the union in favor of winning the Civil War.