Barbara Roberts


Chief of State

As President, she is both the head of the government as well as the country. Her duty is to the American people and she represents America in the best way she knows how.

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive, Roberts has the power to enforce laws and lead the nation. Taking charge, she has issued Executive Orders when deemed necessary to help promote the welfare of citizens of the United States.

Chief Administrator

She makes it her prerogative to fill her Cabinet and other government officials with people who are as committed to helping the country succeed as she is. She selects people whose thought processes and opinions align with her own to help her achieve her goals of national security, economic stability and general wellbeing,

Chief Diplomat

As the face of US foreign policy and the nation's chief spokesman to the rest of the world, Barbara Roberts takes an active role in being a diplomat and representative of the United States. She has traveled to several foreign countries in order to extend her hand in peace and promote topics such as renewable energy, decreasing tension in war-torn areas and more.


Barbara Roberts views war and military involvement as a last resort, but realizes that it is necessary. She always has the final word, but places her trust in the War Council and the Generals to make many decisions for her.

Chief Legislature

Roberts knows that it is her job to set public policy and suggest legislation that will help her get her job done. She takes on an active role in government as she, after consulting with her Cabinet, often making proposals and attempting to take action.

Party Chief

Though Roberts takes an authoritative position within her party and expects to be informed about the policy decisions and actions made, she steps back in order to allow the Majority Party Leader and other officials in her party to make decisions.

Chief Citizen

As the representative of all the citizens in the United States of America, Barbara stays abreast of current issues and holds herself responsible for her actions by holding press conferences and interviews at least once a month (with an average of slightly more than 2). She follows all the laws of the nation and does not hold herself above them as she knows that as the President she is merely nothing more than the ultimate public servant.

About Barbara Roberts

Barbara Roberts has been working tirelessly as an active public servant her whole life. From her beginnings in her home state of Ohio until now, she has worked towards bettering the social and physical infrastructure of this country as a whole. After receiving her J.D. from Yale College of Law, she went on to have her own practice as a Civil Rights Attorney. She would eventually be elected as a Senator for her district where she served for ten years. Under the last administration, Roberts was nominated to join the President’s Cabinet and served as Secretary of State, mitigating international conflicts.