Transition Plus

Helping students transition from high school to adulthood!

Welcome Back!

The energy that I felt in the building this past week was amazing. It was great to have staff back in the building and we had some awesome opportunities to learn and grow. Thank you to the team that made our learning possible Liz, Jewell, Luke, Angela & Greg.

When students and families entered the building on Thursday afternoon, it was just magical! I heard so many positive comments about the rooms and the buildings and the staff, it's too hard to list them all. I was truly proud to be a part of TPlus seeing and hearing all the buzz.

I look forward to building deeper relationships both with staff and students this year as we move throughout the year. As we connect with each other we model for our students how to form those relationships and deepen the social emotional learning taking place.

Let's have a great year of learning and growing, not only for our students but also for ourselves!

For those of you who are new to TPlus, my goal is to send out a Monday Morning Memo the first day of every week we have school. It is generally packed with a lot of important information- if you have something that can wait until Monday morning for all staff please send me or the school secretary the information so we can include it- this will help cut down on the number of emails you get everyday.

Counselor's Corner

Gradebook Set Up

I have heard from some staff members that they are struggling to see their assigned courses/class rosters in gradebook. Please try the following steps before going to Britt.

First: Make sure you’re gradebook is set up for the correct year. To change your year in gradebook (if it’s wrong) click on the year and you will see a dropdown of years. Click 2018 & it should then switch years immediately for you.

Second: If your year is already correct in Gradebook, try the following: Click the little wrench on the toolbar portion of your gradebook and select “Gradebook Setup” from the dropdown menu that shows up. Make sure that the “Display” Column all reads “YES”; if this column says “No” – please continue reading.

Third: If the display column says “No”: click on the “Course-Section” column. Make sure the “Show Course in Gradebook Application” is checked.

Now if you log out of Gradebook & log back in you should see your courses.

Incomplete Course Selection Sheets

There are quite a few students with incomplete course selection sheets. Please be sure to check your mailbox this morning (Monday)! Some of you have course selection sheets returned with notes about what is missing. Please complete the course selection sheets with students during the advisory time today (Monday).

As you are helping students complete the form please encourage students to select a wide variety of course options. Many students are repeatedly selecting the same courses throughout the selection sheet. Please also note pre-requisites listed on the course registration sheet.

Schedule Change Requests

Please use the schedule change request form for any schedule change requests. The form is the best way to ensure your request gets processed in the most timely way possible. Thank you!

Student Schedules

Student schedules will be available for case managers to pick up on Monday morning in the conference room next to Jason's office. This does not include Team 1 as the team 1 schedule is still being created.

Students on your caseload who come in on Monday but do not have a schedule need to complete the course registration form (attached). Please encourage students to avoid repeatedly selecting the same classes and help them note any pre-requisites for courses.

Grading Due Dates

Please mark your calendars with the following important grading due dates for this school year. Grades are due at noon on the following dates this year:

  • Q1: Monday, November 6th
  • Q2: Monday, January 29th
  • Q3: Monday, April 2nd
  • Q4: Friday, June 15th

All hands on Deck!

The first day(s) are often chaotic and ALL STAFF are needed to assist to make sure students/families are welcomed and safely get to their classes.

New schedules for Team 2 and 3 students will be ready in the conference room for you to pick up. These schedules will have the casemanager listed on the advisory times. Please have your students dispose of their earlier ones which may not have had the correct advisory listed.

Teachers should be visible in the hallway to meet and greet students.

Support staff can assist with directing and/or escorting students to classrooms and unloading buses.

Other licensed staff should be in the lunchroom area, bus area(Door 16 and 33rd Ave) to assist with directing, escorting and greeting students. We will have alpha lists with casemanger names available to help find where students should go. If students do not have a casemanager , please send to the office and radio for a social worker to assist.

The engagement team will be up front and present to help students get to their advisories or to a counselor or social worker.

Engagement team will also be available for tokens when needed and at the end of the day at the front desk.


For Monday and Tuesday please e-tag your students for advisory only. On Wednesday and Thursday, please e-Tag for each class. E-tagging only needs to happen once per student.

Teachers only need to E-Tag a student once when they start attendance in a classroom. After that point you take regular attendance in gradebook.

Staffing Updates

The Following are Staffing Updates for this week:

Icxiuh Martinez- Secretary

K Taylor- SEA

Adrian Waters- SEA

Matthew Lovelace- Associate Educator @VA Hospital

Sue Ross- Will be in 8/28-9/1 for Luke

We will continue to interview for the additional open positions - we have several open SEA positions, the AE @Vets Home, and Clerical position. Currently the AE posting is closed and there are interviews to be scheduled with the screened candidates from HR. There are several SEA interviews scheduled. The clerical support position is currently posted and we will schedule interviews when the posting closes.

Be sure to welcome our new staff!

Staff Handbook

Here is the link to the revised staff handbook.

Please sign the acknowledgement that you have read it and turn it into Icxiuh by September 15th. There are 1/2 sheets printed already by the time clock in the office if you want to help save a tree.


I know there are many computers that were removed from classrooms this summer. This was due to the age of the computers and their inability to effectively fight viruses.

I have been informed that there will soon be a district communication to principals about technology. I will inform you when I know more.

There are currently 2 computers in the staff lounge and a computer in the office, as well as the computer lab for staff that need a use of a computer and there are limited computers in your rooms.

Stay tuned for updates as I get them.

Eide al- Adha

Friday September 1st is Eide al-Adha.

You may notice many of our staff and students that celebrate this holiday may be out. If marking a student absent this day that celebrates the holiday, it is an excused absence.