Mrs. Hamilton's 2nd Grade Class

April 20, 2015

Young Author Books

Thanks to all who attended the Pancake Breakfast and Book Fair on Saturday!! Thank you also for all of the ONE for ONE money/donations! I was able to purchase a few non-fiction (life science) books and also some picture books for our classroom library! We appreciate it!! We are going to keep our YOUNG AUTHOR BOOKS here at school for the rest of the week and next week so that we can share our books with other 2nd grade classes and also a 1st grade class!! The kids are SO proud of them!!!


By the end of the week, we will be starting a new math unit on money. It is beneficial for students to use real coins during this unit. I would like for each child to have his/her own set to use. Please send the following coins in a sealed plastic bag with your child’s name on it by the beginning of next week:

25 pennies

10 nickels

10 dimes

6 quarters

4 half dollars* (optional)

*If you have 4 half-dollars at home and would be willing to send them in your child’s bag, that would be great!

I will send the bags home with your child at the end of our money unit. As always, thank you for your support!

Bottle Caps for Buddy Benches

The last day to turn in plastic bottle caps will be Wednesday, April 22nd. Please do not send them to school after that date. Thank you for your support in helping us get our Buddy Benches!

Important Information For Next Week

Week 2 of homework!

Our next Words Their Way spelling test and Wordly Wise Vocabulary quiz will be this Friday, April 24th.

Mark your Calendar!

May 22nd: Field Day
May 27th: 2nd Grade End of the Year Pizza Party
May 29th: Last Day of School

Next Week's Specials

Monday 4/20- Day 4: P.E.

Tuesday 4/21- Day 5: Music

Wednesday 4/22- Day 6: Art

Thursday 4/23- Day 1: P.E.

Friday 4/24- Day 2: Music

We are Learning...

Reading: We will begin a new unit on becoming experts through reading nonfiction! Students will use comprehension strategies and informational text features to understand informational texts. We will learn how to compare and contrast information from different sources on the same topic and deepen our understanding by asking questions.

Math: We will finish up GEOMETRY and begin learning about MONEY. Students will be counting a collection of coins and solving word problems that involve money.

Writing: We will begin a new nonfiction writing unit. Students will write informative/explanatory text in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section. Students will be taking notes from different resources as they research and gather information for their book.

Science: We will begin a new unit on life cycles. We will be focusing on the life cycles of plants and animals. We will observe the changes in plants and animals throughout their life cycles including details of their body plan, structure and timing of growth, reproduction and death.