September News!!

Fall, my favorite time of the year!

WE killed August!!!!

You all BLEW ME AWAY last month!!!! We ended the month almost $1500 OVER GOAL!!!! That is awesome! I know you all did your follow up + got those host's to those next incentive level! EXCELLENT job!! I am beyond proud!

September goals!!!

Please fill this out and submit it ASAP!! Thank you!!


A Nordic Tale launches tonight at 10pm EST! Make sure to have your boutique ready to upload all of the new pieces into your collections for your customers to view! Update your boutique collections and pictures if you haven't already! This is your storefront and you want it to reflect you! Also, make sure to shop the fall collection for yourself! If you are out of your fast start first 30 days, you still get 50% off for 2 weeks when a new collection launches! If you are in your first 30 days as a merchie, you are still getting 50% off of everything... lucky!

There is a great resource in the academy for updating your boutique if you need help!

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