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by Monique Boone/Volume 4/ Sep. 21, 2014/Ebook Edition

I Love books!

I love to smell the pages, and to rub my fingers gingerly across the words. I love to hold books close to me, wrapping my arms around the covers. Late nights and early mornings spent venturing, traveling to new worlds and foreign places, meeting new people, and exploring new lands. The cultures, the sights, and the conflicts take me to heights of the unknown. I am well traveled, I am well spoken, and I am cultured because of books.
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Ebscohost- vocational textbooks, technical manuals, and Texas history:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nlebk

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Freegal- Free music:

Access to free ebooks, audiobooks, and videos (Library card required)

Learn to Read-Read to Learn

The importance of literacy

Literacy is such a vital component in education. We must expose even our youngest children to a strong foundation in literacy. I understand that students must first learn to read before they are able to read to learn. Small things like committing to 20 minutes a day of reading with your children will make all the difference in the future their learning and success, and with so much access to literature today, I encourage you to explore all the outlets of reading and expose your children to a whole new world; our future depends on it!
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The Maze Runner | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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