EBSCO and ProQuest

Indispensable tools for your literature review

"Linking your inquiry to sound educational theory and research adds richness and validity to your project" (p. 47 Reflections on Practice, Session 2)

You will find the big names and big thinking you need in the journals housed in EBSCO and ProQuest.

This smore shows:

- Where to find EBSCO and ProQuest on our site

- Video tutorials for both

- A reminder of boolean search skills

Where to find EBSCO and ProQuest on our ROP site ...

EBSCOhost Basic Search Tutorial

EBSCO Advanced Search Tutorial Video

EBSCOhost Advanced Search - Single Find Field Tutorial

ProQuest Basic Search Tutorial Video

Basic Search

ProQuest Advanced Search Tutorial Video

Advanced Search

Boolean Search Skills

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Need to further customize your search?

Use the how-to sheet your received in August or peruse this site:


Don't forget the "cite" function!

When you are ready to cite the articles you used for your literature review, don't forget the cite function that will give you the correct format for your bibliography!

1) Click on the title of the article when it appears in the search list.

2) A list of tools will appear on the right.

3) Click on cite.

Unsure of how to proceed with your review of what the research says?

In the Session 2 booklet you received at the October face-to-face, pages 47 to 51 describe:

- The role of research

- The literature review

- How do we know if the research is good?

- The 2 October Critical Engagements

- An organizer to collect your notes

You can also look at the literature reviews in former projects on the site. Look at the menu at the far left of the home page, scroll to "Action Research Zone", click on "Previous ROP Projects".