Friendly Frogs Pre-K

March 22, 2016

Mrs. Honey's Hat

We have wrapped up our study of the book Mrs. Honey's Hat by Pam Adams . Our friends have enjoyed bringing the book to life by creating their own personalized hats! We have now begun introducing a unit on Zoo animals. Our class has been investigating and observing giraffes, please see the fun facts we have discovered. This past week we have read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, Does a Kangaroo have a Mother too? by Eric Carle and The Little Yellow Chicken by Joy Cowley.

Fun Giraffe Facts

  • Did you know that the giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world? New born babies are taller tan most humans at 6 plus feet at birth!
  • Baby giraffes can stand within half an hour and after only 10 hours can actually run alongside their family.
  • Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up; they even sleep standing up and only spend between 10 minutes to two hours asleep per day.
  • They have one of the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal.
  • Just like snowflakes and human fingerprints no two giraffes have the same spot pattern.
  • Even giraffes tongues are huge. They are up to 1 1/2 feet long and are specially adapted to allow giraffes to forage on trees that other animals would avoid, such as acacias which are very thorny.

With Spring in the air, we have enjoyed the sunshine and watching the trees bud. Our students have enjoyed riding bikes, playing ball, blowing bubbles and creating pictures with chalk.

Literacy Fun

Our Friendly Frogs are enjoying reading, re-telling and acting out our favorite stories and action songs.


We are counting all day, everyday. Students have been cutting, coloring and gluing shamrocks tallest to shortest,and stamping or stickering 1-10 on counting books. Our Friendly Frogs have been very busy! They have also been solving mysteries and conducting investigations with missing calender numbers. We have enjoyed playing Shamrock bingo; learning to take turns, roll the dice and cover the corresponding number we roll with green pom poms.

Breakfast and Center Play

Thursday, March 24th, 8:15-9am

Our classroom

Please join us on Thursday the 24th at 8:30 for breakfast and/or center time play with your favorite Friendly Frog . We will have muffins, doughnut holes and juice available for our family members. After breakfast feel free to explore the centers and join us in play. The event will end at 9:00.