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East Band Update Summer/Pre-Bandcamp edition!

IMPORTANT July Booster meeting/Mandatory NYC meeting July 16! 7:00pm! New Gym!

Because of the importance of this meeting, we will be meeting in the new gym at 7:00. We want to make sure we have seats for everyone. First, we will cover all of the regular booster business including the upcoming parent night, band camp, fees, med forms, and so much more! After we get all of the business discussed we will dismiss and meet with just the NYC participants. I will have the flight list there for you to check off. Please check birthdates and full names for accuracy. Meeting should be short.

Summer Dates FOR MARCHING BAND! In case you don't have the calendar downloaded, printed and committed to memory!

July 16 - booster meeting and NYC updates

July 15, 16, 18 - Guard camp from 9a-6p.

July 15, 16, 18 - Percussion camp from 10a-3p.

July 15-19 - Uniform fittings, fees, and forms starting with seniors on 15th.

July 22, 23, 25, 26, 29, 30, Aug. 1, 2 from 12p-10p - BAND CAMP

All camp dates are required. If you must miss for any reason, all time must be made up. Please let me know ASAP! I know things can't be avoided but it is up to the student to get the work done.

Guard Camp! July 15, 16, and 18

Don't forget Guard camp is from 9a-6p on July 15, 16, and 18. The shirt colors last for the entire year. Mondays - Purple, Tuesdays -Yellow, Wednesdays - Pink, Thursdays - Blue, and Fridays - Green. Shirts can have writing, does not have to be plain, and does not have to be new. Be prepared for indoor and outdoor practices! Bug spray, sunblock, towel, ect.. Just so you know the why, the same shirt color makes it easier to see and clean the work. Don't forget your lunch and snacks!

Percussion Camp! July 15, 16, and 18

Percussion camp is from 10a-3p July 15, 16, and 18. 7/15 make sure you wear stuff to try on uniforms and then change drum heads and clean drums! It gets very messy. Bring your drum keys and rags to clean with. I'll have the wax and cleaner. Heads are already in. July 16 and 18 will be regular practice days. You will need pencils and binders starting Monday! Be ready to work both inside and outside! Don't forget your lunch and snacks!

List of what you need from JW: Plenty of water, Lunch, sticks, moneys for sticks, T key drum key if you have one, deodorant!, sunscreen, drum pad, earplugs, binder, tennis shoes, hat, sunglasses! I have some binders here. If you don't have ear plugs try to get some ASAP.

Leadership Camp! July 15, 16, and 18

This is for all that attend. This will let us start the ground running for full camp. Mr. McChristian and I will go over plans for the week, you guys will get Mr. McChristian up to speed and get to know each other. The fundamental marching style will also be fully established! If you want to teach or clean marching you need to be here if at all possible! We will meet from 1-3 on July 15, 16, and 18. Come as much as you can!

Brass Camp! July 16 and 18!

Mr. McChristian has a lot of great brass plans and he would like to get as many of the brass as possible together from 10-12 on July 16 and 18. We have several warm-ups, technique studies, and other valuable exercises to learn! If we can get some of folks there early to learn the new stuff then those people can help teach everyone else during camp.


UNIFORM FITTINGS will begin with seniors and percussion on July 15 from 9am-12pm AND by appointment as necessary. July 16 - juniors. July 17 - sophomores. July 18 - freshmen. July 19 - - pre-freshmen(8th graders). Students need to wear soccer or basketball type shorts and a crew neck t-shirt. You come in, try on uniforms until you find the right size and then leave. That is unless you are percussion! They have camp! :)

Every musician will be responsible for having their own pants hemmed. Then band has outgrown our resources for this. We proved that last year!

Here is what you need to know about the pants:


1. The length of the pants is a military style. That means the crease does not break. It creates a straight, crisp line down the front of the pants.

2. If your pants have the snap bottoms you will not sew these. All you do is button the pants to the correct length and then press. When you press the pants you will NOT put the iron directly on the pants. You will need a towel between the pants and the heat. Direct heat will melt the fabric. Pants are almost $125 a pair. The best way is to have a dry cleaner press them. This will be a one time process unless your child grows quickly! If you have to sew the pants you will follow same rules on pressing them.

3. Pants are due back by July 30. We have pictures coming up! If pants are not back by then and I have not heard from a parent then there will be consequences! Always something to clean in the band room!!

4. Make sure you do not cut the pants! These pants will last 7-10 years when properly cared for. If you have a lot of length left and are not sure what to do, bring it to me. If material is "cut off" you will be responsible for replacement pants.

5. IF YOU CANNOT GET THE PANTS TAKEN CARE OF we have a few folks available that can do it for a $5. Just let me know as soon as you can.

Band Camp General Info

Parents, You can get a lot more in-depth info at the meeting July 16 but just incase you can't make it here are some of the big points of camp in no particular order:

1. Bring your own snacks and coolers! We will have access to the "water hose" to refill coolers though. We used to get snacks for everyone but then had a lot of wasted food so now kids just bring their own. We will have some emergency food on hand though.

2. Schedule - 12:00-4:30 - inside time unless we go outside to a shady spot to play. That doesn't happen often unless kids are percussion or guard. The nature of their section requires more space. Dinner break is from 4:30-5:30 then we will be outside from 5:30 until dismissal.

3. Dinner break - You can pack something, drop off something or participate in the bandcamp meal plan. Kids cannot leave campus. Kids using the meal plan can order and pay each day if they want to participate. That will be discussed more thoroughly at the meeting. No sodas or energy drinks. Band camp is also NOT diet week! Eat! Hydrate! Hydrate! Deodorize and then hydrate!

4. Dismissal time is based on meeting our goals of the day. Each day the leadership, instructors, and directors set goals. We go home when we met them or the clock strikes 10:00pm!

5. There is a process to pick up. When dismissing this many kids at one time we have to have traffic control. Look for that info soon!

6. Supply list: water cooler, sunblock, deodorant, sunblock, bug spray, flip folder and lyre(which you can purchase from us), pencils, highlighter, towel to sit instrument on during breaks, snacks that actually provide energy, deodorant, hat that provides shade, and probably more! Again, the meeting is the place to be!

7. The rookies will all have their mentors available for further, more direct questions. The kids should have exchanged numbers before the break.

8. Email is the best way to contact me - jennifer.janzen@lcsk12.org You can also respond to the reminds. Please include your name when replying to the remind. It doesn't always show up.


Don't forget the next payment! 75% by July 16, and all paid up by Sept. 3.

4 in a room - $950 total so $712.50 per person IN YOUR ACCOUNT by July 16

3 in a room - $1010 total so $757.50 per person IN YOUR ACCOUNT by July 16

2 in a room - $1110 total so $832.50 per person IN YOUR ACCOUNT by July 16

single - $1390 total so $1042.50 per person IN YOUR ACCOUNT by July 16

July 16th you will need %75 in your account! I CANNOT BUY YOUR TICKET IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT.

NOTE! Fees always come first! Any money turned in will go towards unpaid fee balances before being applied to your trip!

NYC Group list link

Here is the link for the spread sheets of info for the NYC groups.

Page 1 is the full list in alphabetical. First column is which flight group you are in. You are either in group 1, 2, or 3. Page two is the rooming list. Page 3 is the flight info for each group including flight numbers.


July Statements have been emailed out!

Don't forget to get those signed statements in! It is a grade! If your little one has not brought you a statement to sign just let me know and I will print you another. You can also print the one I have sent you today! We need to get all fees taken care of ASAP! Thanks!


The school has posted the schedules on chalkable. If you were supposed to have band but it is not on your schedule please let me know ASAP. I can make a list and talk to Ms. Stinnett. If you need a general change there is a process. Please be patient. Mrs. Sutton is in charge of juniors and seniors. She will send out reminds when it is your group's turn. Seniors Remind - @2020srs. juniors - @2021srs. The 6th - 10th grade counselors are not on campus yet. They are not contracted for summer months. They will be back on campus late July. If it's just a band thing then let me know. JR band(7th grade) is probably 2nd period. All marching band percussion should be in 3rd period. All guard and winds should be in 6th period band. Incoming 6th graders will have STEAM on their schedules. Lots of kids and lots of schedules! I can't even imagine trying to get all of these kids arranged!

Summer Lessons with Mr. Engle, Ana, or Kirk!

If your little one would like lessons this summer Mr. Engle(all instruments) will be here at East on Mondays from 1:00pm-possibly 9:00pm if we have enough kids! He teaches all instruments! $20 per half hour lesson! That's the norm and quite worth the money! Give him a yell before 3:00pm or text after that so he can schedule a time. Ken Engle 256.303.9383

Ana Valenzuela(Brass) and Andrew Kirk(percussion) will also be offering lessons! Contact either of them for more info! Just email me and I will forward it along to them!

Make sure you are updated and on the correct Remind list! Update ASAP

Text your code to 81010 and get all of the valuable info!

If you are moving into JR High Band then your remind is @jrband1920

If you are in the 2019-2020 Marching Band (includes guard) - @eastband

if you are guard- @elhsguard

If you are going to NYC - @east2nyc

Jr high Band - @eastjrband - This one will be archived July 17

Check out our awesome Website for all of your band info and needs!

Band parents and kids(thanks Bo, Lea, and kids!) are working on getting every bit of information we think you all will need on our website! Check out eastlimestoneband.com

We are working on making it your "one stop shopping" experience for information for the East Limestone Band!

Until next time,... GO BAND! STRONGER TOGETHER!!!!!!!