Hello From The Bandroom

Mrs. Sam’s Update May 16, 2019

JR and HS Band Concert! May 16! 7:00pm! New Gym!

All 7th-12th graders will be performing in concert May 16th at 7:00 in the new gym. Dress for concert is "Summer is almost here" or dress nice! Kid choice. We will feature the JR band, Percussion Ensemble, Winter Guard, Dance, and Concert band. This is of course for a grade and mandatory. If a student misses for any reason the make up essay will be assigned.

May 17 Jamboree Football Game for allllllllllllll band kids!

This coming Friday, 5/17 we have the Jamboree game! It is at East at 7:00. All 3 bands will be performing! Woot woot!!! All band kids 6-12 will meet in the area between the schools by 5:30. It will take a while so be prepared for traffic. We will send out a traffic flow map soon. With well over 300 people, traffic has to have a pattern to protect children. We have band parents that direct traffic so please be courteous. This is all with the kiddos safety in mind. They cannot stay after school Friday. If your child cannot be back by 5:30 just let me know. If a student needs to miss the performance I need a note from a parent ASAP. 330ish kids are hard to keep track of so the sooner I know the better.

Here is the plan:

5:30 - Meet and warm-up

6:30 - march down for the game!

1st quarter we all play. 2nd quarter 6th and 7th graders have free time BUT CAN NOT LEAVE THE STADIUM! Halftime - all perform in bleachers. 3rd quarter everyone has off BUT NO ONE LEAVES THE STADIUM! 4th quarter we all play in the bleachers again! After the game we will march back up to the bleachers and kids will be dismissed! There will again be a process and that will be handed out to the kids, reminded out, posted on social media, and discussed at length. It is that important! Kids need to wear band shirts and shorts or jeans.

Game will probably over about 9:30-10:00. We have no control over that. I will send out a remind when there is 5 minutes left in the game.

If a student can't be there I need a note, email, or text please. It is a grade so they will have to make it up but if I have the note BEFORE the game it will be pretty simple. Please also let me know if a student will be running late.

Statements have been emailed out!

Don't forget to get those signed statements in! It is a grade! If your little one has not brought you a statement to sign just let me know and I will print you another. You can also print the one I have sent you today! We need to get all fees taken care of ASAP! Thanks!

Class Celebrations May 20! 6th - 7th graders

We will have our annual end of the year celebrations on May 20 during our class time. Each class is the same: Woodwinds - chips, Brass - sweet stuff, Percussion - dip/salsa! I will provide plates and napkins! The process is the same. Those who remember to bring the stuff eat first! Inspires kids to remember! Kids that forget to bring stuff eat second. Don't forget your stuff kids!

Awards Night Band - May 21

Senior Awards night is May 21 at 6:00. Volunteers need to be dressed in "nice" clothes. No concert black. They need to be in the bandroom by 5:00 to warm up. After we play Pomp and Circumstance they will be super quietly, ninja-like dismissed.

8th-12th grade "bandquet" May 23!!! Location TBD!

Leadership is planning the band banquet. Right now we know it will be May 23. That is the 1/2 day. We were planning on having it at Jimmy Gill Park but I understand that has been closed! We are looking for a park! The kids had a picnic last year and really enjoyed it so we will do that again! If you have a location please let me know asap!


Graduation Band - May 24

Grad band will again consist of volunteers. Dress is the same as Awards Night If your student plans on attending graduation anyway this is a great way for them to be guaranteed a good seat! Grad band will be on the field the morning of May 24 at 10:00. Grab a chair and stand before you leave for the field. Dress for heat. Bring sunblock! That afternoon you need to be back at the field by 3:00 prepared for heat! Bring a water, sunblock and sunglasses! If weather is bad we will move the ceremony to the gym. Graduation starts at 4:00. Should be over around 5.

Summer Lessons with Mr. Engle, Ana, or Kirk!

If your little one would like lessons this summer Mr. Engle(all instruments) will be here at East on Mondays from 1:00pm-possibly 9:00pm if we have enough kids! He teaches all instruments! $20 per half hour lesson! That's the norm and quite worth the money! Give him a yell before 3:00pm or text after that so he can schedule a time. Ken Engle 256.303.9383

Ana Valenzuela(Brass) and Andrew Kirk(percussion) will also be offering lessons! Contact either of them for more info! Just email me and I will forward it along to them!

Spirit Camp - June 11-15 - Voluntary at JSU

Spirit camp is a leadership, guard, drum major, percussion camp that is held on a college campus each summer. This year it is at JSU. This camp is an absolutely amazing camp run by DCI Hall of Fame director Freddy Martin and crew! Please check out spiritcamp.com for more info. I know this year several of the kids and myself will be attending. It is $395 and includes food and housing along with an unbelievable week of instruction by world class instructors!

NYC TRIP Updates and Meetings!

I need the names of all participants as they appear on your driver's license/ID for the plane tickets. Southwest has told me to call back May 23 to see about tickets. I will try to purchase then. Don't forget the next payment! 75% by July 16, and all paid up by Sept. 3.

4 in a room - $950 total so $712.50 per person by July 16

3 in a room - $1010 total so $757.50 per person by July 16

2 in a room - $1110 total so $832.50 per person by July 16

single - $1390 total so $1042.50 per person by July 16

We will have another mandatory meeting once Southwest has set us up! We will discuss fundraising for the trip! We will need parents to volunteer to head those up and more parents to help! It’s all about working together! July 16th you will need %75 in your account!

NOTE! Fees always come first! Any money turned in will go towards unpaid fee balances before being applied to your trip!

Summer Dates FOR MARCHING BAND! In case you don't have the calendar downloaded, printed and committed to memory!

June 4 - Booster meeting at 7:00

July 16 - booster meeting and NYC updates

July 15, 16, 18 - Guard camp from 9a-6p.

July 15, 16, 18 - Percussion camp from 10a-3p.

July 15-19 - Uniform fittings, fees, and forms starting with seniors on 15th.

July 22, 23, 25, 26, 29, 30, Aug. 1, 2 from 12p-10p - BANDCAMP

All camp dates are required. If you must miss for any reason all time must be made up. Please let me know ASAP! I know things can't be avoided but it is up to the student to get the work done.

Mentoring Program beginning soon!

Before we get out of school each upcoming rookie will be assigned a mentor from the marching band. Mrs. Lyda is coming soon to discuss the program with the 3rd and 6th period classes. These mentors will help with communication, questions both kids and parents might have about moving up to marching band and general questions about school. If you have any specific ideas about implementation or duties of the mentors you are welcome to contact me! If this falls in your "wheelhouse" then please contact me! eastband2010@gmail.com is the best way!

Make sure you are on the Remind list!

Beginner Band - @elbband

Jr high Band - @eastjrband - This one will be archived after this year

Marching Band - @eastband

Text your code to 81010 and get all of the valuable info!

If you little one is moving up go ahead and sign up now! Beginner band moving up to JR band will need to join @jrband1920. Jr Band loving up to marching band will use @eastband

Check out our awesome Website for all of your band info and needs!

Band parents and kids(thanks Bo, Lea, and kids!) are working on getting every bit of information we think you all will need on our website! Check out eastlimestoneband.com

We are working on making it your "one stop shopping" experience for information for the East Limestone Band!

Until next time,... GO BAND! STRONGER TOGETHER!!!!!!!