By: Juan Pablo Chapa

Act 2 Scene 4 summary

Act 2 Scene 4 begins with Mercutio and Benvolio looking for Romeo because he wasn't home last night. And they saw there was a letter sent from Tybalt to Romeo because he wants to fight him for going to their party. And when they see Romeo they give him a cold shoulder at first for ditching them. And then the nurse shows up and Mercutio makes fun of her saying she is like a boat and she smells like rotten meat. And she says she needs to talk to romeo and she is telling him if he does anything to hurt Juliet she will do something to him and she also talks to him about Paris because he wants Juliet too. And Romeo says that he loves Juliet and he tells the Nurse to tell Juliet to meet him at the Abbey wall and also to tell her parents she is going to church to confess but actually getting married.

The Main Characters In ACT 2 SCENE4

MY SONG FOR THE SCENE I chose this song because in this scene they are mostly fooling around and joking on the Nurse. For example when Romeo says"A sail, A sail" and also when Mercutio says A shirt and a smock" and "Good peter, to hide her face, for her fan's the fairer face. And i thought that it was a happy moment that is why i chose this song.