Oh! The Place You Will Go!

In Miss Terrell's Class!


I am very excited for the school year! My classroom is a place for exploration and learning. My classroom is a place for acceptance and sharing. All students CAN and WILL learn within my classroom. Given the right tools and instruction, every student has the ability to achieve greatness! Oh! The places we will go!
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Albany Elementary School Mission Statement

The Albany Elementary School family is dedicated to helping every student develop academically, emotionally, and socially in a positive and accepting environment. We are committed to preparing our students to function as productive citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing diverse society.

What will Miss Terrell's Classroom Include?

The Goal of Miss Terrell's Classroom

Every student CAN and WILL learn!

In my classroom, I will promote a healthy environment for learning. My students will support each other, as well as have the opportunity to learn from others. Every student has potential, and I will give my students the safe place and tools that they need to reach their potential. Every student is different, and every student learns differently. By knowing this, I will provide the proper instruction to help each child thrive in the classroom.
Read Alouds - Oh the Places You'll Go!