~Tour around Georgia~

Day 1

You will depart from Reidsville heading all the way up to northeastern Georgia in Ruban County, which is in the Blue Ridge region. You will enjoy exotic veiws of mountains and trees. Interesting Fact : The Appalachian Trail extends over 2,100 miles !

Day 2

You will leave from your hotel in Ruban and head to the Cloudland Canyon State Park in Dade County, which is in the Appalachian Plateau region. You can enjoy anything from hiking to tennis. The Cloudland Canyon State Park is so large that it 3,485 acres!

Day 3

You will travel from Dade County to Floyd County. You will be in the Valley & Ridge region. You will visit the Chieftains museum. In this museum you get to experience historical happenings.

Interesting fact : The museum opened in 1969

Day 4

You will to Fulton County to visit Stone Mountain, which is in the Piedmont Region. There you can enjoy shops and fun games. You can also walk up Stone Mountain which is surprisingly 1,683 feet above sea level.

Day 5

We will also be going to Six Flags, which is in the Piedmont Region. You will have such a thrill as you ride rides!

Interesting Fact: Six Flags spans over 14 major markets in North America.

Day 6

Yow will then go down to the Coastal Plains and visit Wild Adventures. You will enjoy fine dining and thrilling rides. If you get hot you can always go over to the waterpark and have a splash!

Interesting Fact: Wild Adventures opened in 2003!

Day 7

You will head from Wild Advetures to Jeckyll Island to visit Summer Waves. You will chill off as you visit the Coastal Plains.

Interesting Fact: Summer Waves has over 9 thrilling attractions.

Total Spent

Overall : $ 897

Hotel: $20 per night

Food: $25 not including lunch