The Development of My Life

Propagating Towards Authenticity by David Thomas

The Pertinacious Pursuit for Happiness and Meaning

Ultimately, each person has different aspirations and passions, and they are all fueled by an individually subjective search for meaning and fulfillment. This search, however, as expressed in Theology of the Body, is all interconnected in its conclusion; complete, unconditional, authentic love and acceptance is necessary, and so is its reciprocation towards others. The inexorable calling of God to a particular occupation or life work is discrepant among individuals, but all of those paths of life call people to love and serve one another and accept the whole love of God and others.

The Individual is not Subject to the Majority

In my realization of the subjectivity of the calling of all toward one destination, I realized the role of each person is his or her own, and authenticity through contemplation and eventual self-understanding. It is important for each person to realize this and live the life designated for him or her, unhindered by the constraints and pressures of society. No other person or societal opinion can save or fulfill someone, only the authentic pursuit of love and fulfillment. Pretenses of joviality and fulfillment are presented by society and media, and many examples of them and their influence are demonstrated in Theology of the Body.

My Own Life and the Application of My Discoveries

Understanding how necessary it is to develop myself and my desires in order to reach fulfillment and love, I have striven to understand myself and my passions. Currently, I'm a person who is still developing internally, a person somewhat removed from most. Rather than being concerned with the thoughts and expectations, I have decided to follow my own desires and ways of helping others. I have discovered my passion for language and philosophy, as well as my love for nature and hiking. I dream of being able to use my passion to work and live across the world in positions that I would like to be. In 5 years from now I see myself studying in Oslo, Norway. In 10 years, I see myself working with language skills, but where or how, I do not know. Christ is in my life predominantly in my travels. I travel and work with others to make their places of living better for living; this is how Christ works through me and my passions.