Information Systems


What is the difference between Data and Information?

Data is lots of statistics, numbers facts etc, Whereas Information is the Data in Words

e.g. 2/3 of people don't like work-Most people don't like work.

There are different types of Information, Whereas Data is the same.

What is the difference between Primary & Secondary Information?

Primary Information, is information that is the source, the conductor of the information, and Secondary information has been passed on from the primary e.g.Facebook gets information and then pass' it on to different places, that would be a secondary. The primary information can also be from surveys etc.

What is Qualitative and Quantitative?

Quantitative is information that is in facts and statistics, Whereas Qualitative is information in words and feeling like if someone likes or dislikes. Quantitative data is always easier as it is always numbers but Qualitative is always harder as feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes etc change as society and community's change.