2nd Grade Newsletter

November 2nd-13th, 2020

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On Track Calendar

We listened and know some of you were feeling overwhelmed with your lessons. We have edited our OTC so that you will only have History, Science, Social Studies, and your Electives one day each a week. We hope this will help you as you settle into a routine. Eventually there will be other activities we ask you to complete so it is also our intent that by lessening the expectations in those subjects you will have some time freed up to work on those when the time comes.

UPDATE: Now that we have the MindPlay curriculum and other resources like ExactPath and Seesaw you will notice that we have trimmed down some of the ELA lessons as well to provide your child time to work in MindPlay each week. Please use this time wisely!

Thank you for working hard to make this a successful year!

Side note: If you especially enjoy any of those subjects, you can still complete the extra or skipped lessons. If you need help finding them in your OLS since they won't appear on your Plan, just reach out to your teacher.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • November: regular class schedules resume
  • November 2nd: Parent Teacher Conferences 6pm-8pm
  • November 5th: Parent Teacher Conferences 6pm-8pm
  • November 6th: Parent Teacher Conferences 8am-12pm
*Please note that with so many students some conferences are being scheduled outside of this time during our weekly open office hours. When you receive your conference time contact your teacher ASAP if you cannot make that time so you can be rescheduled.
  • November 25th-27th: Thanksgiving Break, no school

For a complete 2020-21 school calendar, please click on the PDF in the Important Websites section below.


Exact Path (edmentum)

Please make sure that you are keeping up with your Exact Path assignments! These give us data to help us give you what you need to have a successful year and achieve one year's academic growth.

New passwords were sent out for you to use to log in to the site. If you have any questions or need help, contact your teacher.

Webcam Permission Form

If you want your student to be able to use their webcam be sure to fill out the permission form!

Use the link below to fill it out now:


How to Contact Your Teacher

2nd Grade Homeroom Teachers

SpEd Teachers

What Can You Do to Help Your Child Grow?


Help your child build up their reading stamina! Make sure they've mastered all their sight words ( Click here to access all the sight word lists) and have them read about 20 minutes a day. Depending on their reading level, this can include them reading on their own, partner reading with you, or listening to you read until they have built up their phonics skills.


In 2nd Grade we really work on our fluency and comprehension.

Reading at least 20 minutes per day is a great way to increase reading fluency. Your child can work on building up their stamina by starting with just 5 minutes. You can also change up your reading space to make it fun and new! Some ideas are: reading outside, build a fort-then read in it, reading during a picnic, or read a book in bed. This website has more creative reading challenge ideas: https://www.ateachableteacher.com/free-reading-challenge/

As they read, help them practice comprehension skills like identifying the main parts of the story including details about characters, setting, beginning/middle/end, etc. They can also read a book and describe the main idea and details about the people, places, and thing in it.


By the end of 2nd Grade your child should be able to write 5-7 simple sentences on one topic. They should be able to write 1 to 2 paragraphs in the same way. An example of this would be writing a story with details about characters in a beginning/middle/end format. We will be working towards being able to write in all 3 Modes: Narrative, Opinion, and Informational.

Encourage them to write in fun ways, a letter to family member, creating their own story, making a journal entry, etc.


Math Facts through 20 are a huge 2nd Grade skill! If your child doesn't like flash cards there are lots of fun, free games to work on math facts online if your child needs extra practice on site such as ABCya and RoomRecess. These sites also have great games to practice other major 2nd Grade skills such as money, telling time, and fractions.

Important Websites

Online Learning School

This will take you to the login so you can access your OLS.

Exact Path (edmentum)

Remember to log in regularly to work on your personalized path and check for assignments from your teacher.


We will use this site to turn in work, such as quarterly Teacher Graded Assignments.

IT Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.

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