Chris Norton

Off Topic Tuesday

A little bit about him

I think that Chris Norton is inspiring because he has taught me to do a lot for myself. Chris Norton was born and raised in Iowa . He graduated from Bondurant Farrrar High school. He participated in a lot of school activities like football, basketball, and track. He decided to continue playing football in college. He wanted to go in to business and management. He chose to go to college in Decorah, Iowa at Luther college.


Chris was tragically injured on October 16th, 2010 from a tackle he made. He fractured his C3-C4 vertebrae. The doctors said that their was a 3% chance of him regaining feeling and movement below the neck. He woke up from surgery unable to move from the neck down. He felt very horrible .His folks were trying to be strong through the whole thing. I can not imagine how I would feel if the doctor told me that I had no feeling below my neck.


After his accident and him being paralyzed it didn't stop him from getting his career in the SCI CAN Foundation. This foundation stands for Spinal Cord Injury and helps people who have problems with these injuries by providing equipment for them. Chris began his career at his college speaking to health professionals, business employees, students, and families. In college Chris was very committed to walk across the stage at graduation and he did it. Then he felt the need to want to go out in to the world to inspire others. He has really inspired millions world wide. Today, Chris has been continuing his career with the SCI CAN foundation. He works out 4 hours a day and he believes that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Chris Norton Walks the Graduation Stage!