AP Spanish (: Weekly News Update

April 27 - May 3

1º de mayo - Día internacional del trabajo

(May 1 - International Labor Day)

El Mercado Laboral

(The Labor Market)

Writing Assignment: Analytical Essay

After reading the online article “Los secretos de las computadoras que deciden a quién contratan las empresas”, respond and react to it in a Word document by writing an essay about how technology is changing the labor market.

  • This writing assignment must be submitted for peer review no later than April 29.

Discussion Forum

¿Cómo está la tecnología redefiniendo diferentes aspectos del mercado laboral? (How is technology reshaping different dimensions of the labor market?)

  • Make an initial post to the discussion forum no later than April 28, and reply to two other participants’ posts not later than May 2.

Podcast Activity

Visit the University of Texas website and listen to podcast #1 (Your most recent job) from “Advanced-A”.

  • After listening to the podcast, upload a Word document that includes a list of useful expressions and new vocabulary from the podcast.

  • Finally, create a voice recording using Vocaroo describing the speaker's present or most recent job. A minimum of ten complete sentences is required. Please make sure that you use this week's target vocabulary. Copy and paste your Vocaroo link into your Word document.

This assignment must be submitted before the end of the week (May 3).