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What is a Kamikaze?

A Kamikaze is a pilot that loads their plane with explosives and deliberately crashes their plane behind enemy lines to destroy them.

Why do they do what they do?

Many Kamikaze, or suicide bombers, believe that if commit suicide for your country then it is very honorable. People in the Kamikaze corps are highly respected by the people in their country.

How is this different then the Americans?

As Americans, we value life more then we value honor. The Japanese Kamikaze hold honor above everything and they would do anything to earn it, including crashing a plane on purpose. Most American pilots were not willing to do this.

How did this affect WW2?

The Kamikaze corps put everyone else involved in the war at a disadvantage because they didn't do the same and they weren't expecting it.


The Japanese pilots did not come up with this idea on their own. There was propaganda involved in making this decision to commit suicide.
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