Marquis de Lafayette

Contributions to the American Revolution

Childhood, Family, Birth, Death Info

Marquis de Lafayette was born on September 6, 1757 and died on May 20, 1834. At the age of 2 his father died at Minden. then at the age of 12 his mom died and a few weeks later his Grandfather died.


Went to College du Plessis and the Versailles Academy.Also, at Versailles Academy he got Military training and became successful as a officer.

Important life events

Went to a Military Academy and became a Military officer, Fought in the American Revolution, Nickname for him was Hero of two Worlds, fought in French Revolution, Also, Lafayette became Emperor from 1799 to 1814. Also, Marquis de Lafayette was inspired by stories of the colonists' struggles against the British oppression and that is what made him sail to the colonies and fight in the American Revolution.


Hero of two Worlds, accomplished military officer from France, fought in American and French Revolution, also, became Emperor.

Contributions to change

Marquis de Lafayette fought in the French Revolution and American Revolution. Also, became Emperor in his later years of life.

Interesting Facts

At the age of 16 he married a 14 year old girl named Marie, became emperor, Named his son Georges Washington de La Fayette in memory of the Great George Washington. Marquis de Lafayette's wife had a longer full name than him and his Wife was Related to the King on France. Known as the "Hero of two Worlds" after returning to his home country in December 1781, Lafayette rejoined the French army and organized trade agreements with Thomas Jefferson, the American ambassador to France.
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