Weekly Tiger News

May 2 - May 6, 2016

One Crew, One Voyage, One Mission: Kids!

Every Child, Every Day!!!

One More Week Left...

It is hard to believe but we have one more week left until the second session of STAAR. I look forward to seeing all the great things you have planned for review.

Remember to stay focused! Keep your kids engaged and find ways to use those higher order thinkings strategies.

Sheldon Elementary Attendance

Well done Sheldon Tigers!!! Our attendance went up this week!

At the end of week April 22nd - 96.78%

At the end of wee April 29th - 96.78%

We stayed the same this week. Continue to remind your students about the importance of being at school each day.

Remember....If students are not in school, then they are not learning.

Continue to make attendance a priority! Let's try to get above 97% this week!!!

Parent Survey

Our annual Parent Survey is now available on the website. Please encourage your parents to complete the survey.

The campus with the largest percentage of parent surveys completed will be treated to a pizza lunch! Parent and student survey results will give us feedback to improve our schools and our district as a whole.

Bond Election

Early Voting for the bond be-gins this week! Early voting will take place at the Ney Administration Building beginning on Monday, April 25th until Tuesday, May 3rd from 8:00 –4:00 p.m.

Count Down Time

We have 5 weeks left before the end of the school year. Review your end of the year checklist to ensure you know what needs to be taken care of before the end of the year.

As we move towards the end of the year, please make sure you are monitoring students effectively. Limit the amount of time students are going to the restroom and are out of the classroom. This will prevent any major incidents from happening between now and the end of the school year.

The May calendar will be in boxes today, Please plan accordingly as you review the upcoming events. It is a busy month and we want to make sure we close out the year smoothly!

Upcoming Events:

May 2 - May 6, 2016 - Teacher Appreciation Weeks

  • May 2 - "Thanks for going the EXTRA mile!" - treat in boxes
  • May 3 - National Teacher's Day
  • May 3 - Lunch provided by Administrators - "Surf's Up" - wear Hawaiian attire
  • May 3 - Staff Meeting @ 4:00p.m. STAAR training following the meeting
  • May 4 - Root Beer Floats during Lunch time - "You are A&Wesome" - 50's attire
  • May 4 - Tiger University 5th Grade Parent Night @6:30p.m.
  • May 5 - Cinco de Mayo - Luncheon provided by Group 3 - Administrators will provide dessert and drinks - Fiesta attire
  • May 5 - Hansel and Gretel Musical - 6:30 p.m.
  • May 6 - Teacher appreciation Gift from administrators - Sprit Day
  • May 6 - "Mommy and Me" Luncheon during student lunches
  • May 7 - Science CAMP for 5th grade

Educator and Student of the Month

Educator of the Month – LeighAnn Sitton

Student of the Month– Halley Martinez


  • Teachers, please make sure you are at your door when the bell rings at 7:40 a.m.
  • Greet your students each morning as they enter the classroom.
  • Teachers, please let Ms. Garza know when you have a missed punch on the time clock. It is important to clock in on time each day.
  • All letters to parents need to be approved by an administrator before sending home.

Principal and Assistant Principal

Rachelle Ysquierdo and Atina Young