ELC Newsletter

May 1st, 2015

Posting is up on WECAN

The posting for our Reading Teacher position is up on WECAN. I am putting together a team to hold interviews, and at this time I have Melanie Cowling, Amy Mochert, and Margaret Logemann. I am looking for one staff member from both ELC and FLC yet. If you are interested in helping to select the candidates and being on the interview team, could you please let me know? I will get you access to the vacancy. I appreciate your help and volunteering for this, as I believe that hiring the RIGHT staff is one of our greatest responsibilities.

Capernicus Cart

Mr. Dan Sitter has ordered the Capernicus Cart for use at ELC. It will be housed in the library and set up. He has plans to bring the trainer here on May 11th, to show people how the devise works. For those of you that don't remember this, it is that interactive table/easel cart that can be used by the whole class, as well as projected on to the floor, so that many students can work together. It is great that ELC staff continues to grow their use of technology and I am really excited to watch you use this with students in your classrooms.

Eric Larsen Sign Up

There is an online document to sign up to meet with Eric Larsen for those of you working on your PDP's. Please sign up to meet and check in with him regarding the status of your PDP. He will be here on Tuesday, May 6th, 2015.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week ( May 4th-8th). On Tuesday, the PTO is providing a staff luncheon, which is always greatly appreciated. Our State Superintendent Tony Evers has a proclamation and a You Tube site for you to read and view. Here are those links:



In my opinion, there is no higher calling than to be a teacher. You change lives and should be considered heroes for the work you do each and everyday with students and their families. I often hear from interview candidates, that they feel it is a calling and what they have always wanted to do. You shape our future and do make a difference. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone of you for the work you do here at ELC each and everyday. THANKS!

PALS Results

I know that most of you finished up with PALS this week, so I would appreciate the class summary. If you get a chance, take your class, and line it up with their scores from fall. The results are incredible. Even students who didn't quite make the benchmark are showing wonderful growth!

OASYS: Documentation Logs

Most of you have turned in your documentation logs, and this is just a last minute reminder that they are due today. I really enjoy reading and looking at all the creative artifacts that you have uploaded.

Upcoming Events at ELC

5/4: 2:45 Curriculum Steering Committee Meets for their last time this year

5/5: 7:45 ELC Staff meeting; Staff appreciation luncheon

5/6: Eric Larsen is here; IMTC at 3:45

5/7: 7:00 4K Staff meeting; Picture Day; Smiles for Life

5/8: Early Release at 1:10 PM

My Out of Building times for 5/4-5/8

5/4: 7;15 PST at FLC; 9:00 Admin Calibration; 12:30 Meet with Reading Team: 2:45 CSC

5/5: 9:00 Admin; 12:30 Observation at FLC

5/6: 8:30 BAMS BCT; 12:30 Meet with Maria Putzer

5/7: MPTC for LFI interviews

5/8: FLC: Special Ed. Meeting