Albert einstein

March 14, 1879 - Apirl 18, 1955

Albert's childhood

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm,Germany in March 14,1879. He was born into a Jewish family.When he was in his school years he wanted to become a scientist.When he was about five years old his Dad gave him a simple pocket compass, which became his favorite toy! From that day on he became obsessed with magnetism, which is pretty much all about magnets.

Unbelievably when his grandmother first saw him, she said he was stupid…little did she know! Apparently he didn’t talk until he was four years old, and even then he would repeat words and sentences over and over again until he was seven. When Einstein was about ten years old, a friend of his, that was much older than him, gave him a whole heap of books on science, mathematics and philosophy, which is all about how we think about life. That is completely unbelievable!

There have been loads of stories around which said that Einstein failed Math at school, but his family said it was absolutely not true and he was always top of his class at math and could solve some really complicated problems.

He loved geometry and algebra, and nobody taught him these subjects, he did it all by himself! He also always tried to prove different math theories on his own. Yep, super smart he was.

Albert as an adult

The young Mr.Einstein

Albert eventually moved to the U.S with his family because he was worried about Adolf hidtler and the war. When Albert was 16 years old he had published his own scientific paper.

Although he wasn’t a top student at school in everything, when he got a bit older he certainly made up for it, when he and his family moved to Switzerland. In 1900 he started teaching math and physics.

Even though he was all over the place, a bit shabby and a bit difficult to understand, in 1915 he rocked the world with his Theory of Relativity. In 1919 the theory was proven right by an experiment. He became famous literally overnight and all of a sudden he got invitations to go all over the place, as well as getting honors from all over the world!

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. He certainly did come a long way from that boy who was told he would amount to nothing! That headmaster was probably eating his words.

His other discoveries led us to have all sorts of things like garage door openers, television and DVD players today. He was named ‘Person of the Century’ in 1999 by Time magazine.

One of his favorite things to do was to head out onto the lake in a boat and take his notebook with him, to think and write everything down.father: Hermann Einstein, 1847-1902, German-Jewish featherbed salesman, two children

mother: Pauline Koch, 1858-1920
sister: Maja Einstein, 1881-1951, PhD in literature and Romance languages

first wife: Mileva Maric, 1875-1948 (married 1903, divorced 1919), Serbian Christian, physicist, three children
daughter: Lieserl Maric, 1902-?, put up for adoption as infant, fate unknown
son: Hans Albert Einstein, 1914-1973, professor of hydraulic engineering, three children
son: Eduard Einstein, 1910-1965, institutionalized for schizophrenia, no children.Sadly albert died in new jersey during the year of 1955.He was 76 years old when he died.
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