Denali National Park, is a national park located in Denali, Alaska. It was founded on February 26,1917. Denali's founders were Charles Sheldon and Harry Karstens. Karstens later went on to become Denali's first superintendent. Denali is proudly home to over 600 acres of land.

Want To Visit?

While Denali is open year round, the peak season is winter. Denali National Park is one of the most visited US National Parks, with over 600,000 visitors annually. You can reach Denali by rail, highway, or air. Don't Stonewall, visit Denali today!

Why Denali?

Are you wondering why its called Denali? The name Denali came from the Athabaskan Indians meaning "the high one." Denali's main wildlife is the Alaska Jay and the Golden Eagle. The natural landmark of Denali is Mt.Mckinley.

My Denali Myth

Long ago Mt.Mckinley wasn't in Denali. One night, as the Athabaskan Indians were going to bed, they heard a loud rumble and thought it was an earthquake. As soon as it started, it stopped. The very next day, there was a small hill-like stump in the middle of the forest. they thought was just the stump of a tree.

Three months later, there was a huge mountain where that stump had once been. The Athabaskan Indians sent people to explore the new mountain. When the explorers came back they named the mountain Denali meaning "the High One."

From then on the people respected the mountain and built their new villages around the mountain. Children where taught the story of the mountain and to respect the mountain. Now the mountain and its past are enjoyed by everyone.