The lizard

By : Sean, Will, Jordan and Eleanor

Lets compare

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Bearded Dragon

Facts :

This lizard puffs the chest out to scare predators

This lizard runs fast

In the desert

They are very territorial

They are very social hierarchy

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Horned Frog

Facts :

But the horned lizard Squirts blood at their predators to scare them away.

Spine is made of modified scales.

Coloration blends in well with environment.

Horns on head are true horns not scales.

Can not scare away birds with blood tactic.

Compare and Contrast

Let's compare these two types of lizards...

They both have brown sandy skin, camouflage

They both have scales to help them protect the heat

Their diet is worm and insects, they live in the desert

They both are cold blooded. it helps them live under the heat

Let's find the difference between these two types of lizards...

They both have different way to scare away ( protect themselves ) their predators, the Horned Lizard it squirts blood out of its eye while the Bearded Dragon puffs out its chest

Horned Lizard have horns while the Bearded dragons has spikes which helps them adapt into the desert