TES Science & Technology

With Mrs. Muraca

2nd Grade

Students got some movement in Lab 304 while asking friends how to spell their names. They each used the Word Cloud program in www.abcya.com to generate a print out of the name of 5 friends in class. They learned how to print on the Lab printer or to the Makerspace printer. Nice job!!!


All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have been given www.edutyping.com student accounts to practice correct keyboarding and typing skills. You can practice at home to use with a computer, laptop or device with a bluetooth keyboard or visit the Tyngsborough Library during their afterschool and weekend hours. They have desktops in the study area of the main library with your adult supervision.

Students must use the Student Login

account id: tyngsb13

Username: firstnamelastinitial

Password: 123456

Be sure to use correct posture and hand positioning while typing. Keep your eyes on the screen as much as possible and practice, practice, practice. I can keep track of your progress and the "Top 3" will have a typing competition in June to determine the 1st place Top Banana award!!! Winner must use correct home row typing position of fingers, top accuracy and wpm!!! You will be so proud of yourself!!!

Google Account Set Up for Science & Technology, Classroom Teachers, & Home Use

Students in Grades 3rd, 4th and 5th have been learning how to login to their Google Accounts in order to use the amazing Google Apps tools. This account will follow your child throughout his/her academic years at TPS.

Your child's TPS email can only be accessed and contacted by TPS teachers, staff and students. It is not set up to email out of our @tyngsboroughps.org community.

Here are the basic steps for your child to login. Please check spelling and your child must remember his/her password.

Below is what your child in 3rd grade was given as a step by step How-to. The number your child uses in the front is the year of their graduation from high school.

Name:_____________________ Class Teacher:_______________

Step 1 www.google.com

Step 2 Click on Sign in Blue button top right corner

Step 3 27lastnamefirstinitial@tyngsboroughps.org

Step 4 Click Next

Step 5 Type password: just4………………..

Step 6 Click Next

Step 7 Click on Apps (small group of squares top right)

Step 8 Choose App your assigned to: Docs, Classroom etc.

My email is kristin.muraca@tyngsboroughps.org

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1st Grade

Students in 1st grade are learning to left click with mouse control in Alphabet Order using www.abcya.com and they are touch typing on Keyboarding Zoo. We have started drawing applications with a program called Tux Paint too. Great job 1st Graders.
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Thanks for all of the donations so far!!!

From cardboard boxes, to fabric swatches, to old jeans, to bed sheets, to Dash and Dot to Legos, old laptops to computer towers to paper towel rolls.... I want to say THANK YOU so much for all the awesome donations. It feels like Christmas!!!

This will be a community effort and ongoing so don't worry if you haven't been able to send in your unwanted things. We will begin using some of the cardboard and paper towel rolls very soon so stayed tuned for some cardboard engineering fun!!!