Valerie's life was just fine with her boyfriend, Nick until the shooting. They had a list of people they hated. Valerie had no idea that one day her boyfriend would turn into a murder. Nick shoots and kills at least 10 kids and 2 teachers, he kills himself too. A lot of people are injured including Valerie. The media and cops think she is responsible and should be blamed. She ends up going back to school and works on a memorial project with the student council for the shooting. She stops the shooting by jumping in front of Jessica when Nick shoots her. She wants to forget about what happened but doesn't want to forget Nick. Dr.Heiler helps her get through everything she is going through with school, her parents, and the shooting. Her dad has an affair with his secretary they live together and he leaves her mom. Her dad pretty much shuts them out. Valerie's mom flirts with her attorney and they seem to be "together". When Valerie graduates her mom, dad, Brierly, and Dr.Heiler's family are all there. At the graduation they go through everything in the time capsule for the memorial. Valerie leaves on a train going anywhere starting a new life.


Valerie spends most of her time in her room she likes being by herself with her thoughts. She goes to Dr.Heiler's office to talk about how she is doing and her thoughts. She goes back to school it's difficult but she does it, and she gets involved in student council. She goes to see Ginny Baker when she is in the hospital, and she has to be in the hospital after she gets shot.


The author is Jennifer Brown. She got the idea for the Hate List from the song If Everyone Cared by Nickelback. She says that some of her writing ideas come to her in dreams. Garvin is meant to be like where Jennifer grew up. Dr.Heiler is based of her husband he is a psychologist. Grew up in a town called Lee's Summit in Kansas City. She liked to adventure inside and outside. She got her degree in Psychology from William Jewell College. She wrote for the newspaper The Kansas City Star. Then after 4 years of that she became a full-time young adult novelist.


I would defiantly recommend this book to other readers. It was really intense and interesting! I think anyone that reads it would like it. I couldn't put it down after i started reading and it was hard not to read ahead. Even if you didn't like reading i think you would enjoy The Hate List.