The Celtic Tenors

Presented by RHI Legacy Foundation

Meet the Tenors!

Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl Simpson have performed together for 15 years. The skill, range and ability of world-class tenors they truly offer something unique. They are comfortable in all genres from classical and folk to Irish and pop. They are all around fun and have an ability to take the audience on a musical voyage.

Why Celtic?

I actually heard about this group coming to Isothermal Community College at my church. My church is a contributor to the local Backpack program for hungry students in our local schools and so the RHI Legacy Foundation is apart of making the Back Pack Program available and this was actually held as a fundraiser for the program. I have always thought Ireland would be an interesting place to go and since I doubt I will ever make it there what not get a taste of Ireland at home.

The Show!

I can definitely say this was something that I had never experienced before. The harmony that these three men was absolutely beautiful. They performed a variety of cletic, operatic and reworked popular songs. Some I was able to catch the name others I was not. One was "La donna è mobile" is strophic in form with an orchestral ritornello. An Irish folk song they performed was "Red Haired Mary". Another song they referred to as Scotland Mouth Music I am not sure if that is a real title or not. Some more "American" music they played ranged from John Denver to Martina McBride. It was for sure an experience and an overall pleasure.

Audio Clip

I was not able to record at the concert but i did add a YouTube video of "La donna è mobile" performed at a different venue.

The Celtic Tenors, La Donna e Mobile, Slane