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Counselor's Corner for the Week of April 20th - April 24th

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It's hard to believe, but we're in the last full week of April already! The countdown has begun...or maybe it has just for me (for entirely different reasons)! 26.5 more days of students, if anyone is counting! It seems like there is still so much to do with such little time to get it all done!

I had mentioned this at the ERD last Thursday, but the PTO would like to know if teachers would prefer Scholastic Readers or a gift certificate for the Spring Book Fair. I'll send out a separate email with the voting button enabled in it. I did check with the PTO and they said that the decision would have to be a majority vote because they are unable to do both financially. They will try to do more fundraising before the end of the year if more people prefer the Scholastic Readers. I'll keep you posted!

Were you able to catch the Brittin Knight News? If you weren't, you can still watch it online! Just click on the link on the Brittin homepage!

The attendance bulletin board has been updated between the Music and PE rooms. If all students are here on time everyday, the entire class will get an extra recess at the end of the day on Friday, provided by one of the counselors. Ms Burkeen's class was really close last week! Hopefully, attendance will improve this week for all classrooms! Our school goal is 95% and we're hitting just below that. Last week was 93% for our attendance from Monday - Friday. We're getting close!

Please scroll down to see upcoming activities!

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Upcoming Events for the Rest of April

Monday, April 20th: Task Force for Student Advocates - meeting at 3:10 - 3:35

Thursday, April 23rd: STEMposium

Monday, April 27th: Volunteer Luncheon (moved to accommodate the volunteers' schedules) - I'm still accepting donations if anyone is still interested!

Wednesday, April 29th: Relay/Field Day

Monday April 27th - Friday, May 1st: Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair!

Tuesday, April 28th: I will be out in the afternoon

Thursday, April 30th: I will be in all day training

Friday, May 1st: Family Event - Literacy Night