What Are Models

Models are objects to show a mini version of the movement of an object.

Types Of Models

There are many types of models such as a globe.

Models In Science

Objects far away are too small to see so we use models to show things we can not see like other planets.

Making And Using Models

You must decide what model to make. Also some models make things easier to show things that might be hard to do in person.

Vocabulary Words You Should Know


A model is something that presents an object, events, or an idea.

Three Dimensional Models

Takes up space like the thing it represents.

Electric models

Electric models use electricity so that people don't have to move the model.

Mini models

Mini models are exactly what they sound like EX: a junkyard crane mini version would be a rivet.



What are 2 types of models?


What is the reason for an electric model?


Models can be..... what?


Which person uses models to solve problems?

A. An artist

B. An engineer

C. A musician

D. A magician