Principal Update

January 2018

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Message from DK & Rich

January is here and we can celebrate. We can look back and recognize all the efforts we have poured into our work. We can look ahead and know there is nothing new being added this year. Your expectation is simply to sustain what you have built. Let's take a look and celebrate:

  • You have taken on new math materials and curriculum while learning the digital piece.
  • You have read...and read some more in order to learn the Units of Study with reading in order to provide rich instruction to grow all readers.
  • You have stood in the center of your classroom and asked yourself what you value in order to create spaces that allow for your actions to scream your beliefs.
  • You have dialed in with assessments in order to determine which children are showing extra love and support is needed to push them just a bit more.
  • You have collaborated with teammates at a level unlike before committing and contributing each week.
  • You have been open to the shift with beliefs regarding diversity and being purposeful when choosing picture books and questions to ask.
  • You have asked for help and asked questions in order to obtain the information you need for your personal and professional goals.

So what's next? We will repeat. Your expectation is to sustain what you have built. Look back at what you and your team have accomplished in one semester and maintain the momentum. You will need to contribute. You will need to challenge one another. You will need to hold one another accountable. Why? Because it's January. We cannot come this far to let it all go. Our children and our families are depending on us. We have the pure joy that we get to show up to do this work every. single. day. Go out and do good!

For those of you that are over achievers and need further reflection:

  1. What leadership skills have you been working on? Can you think about leading an optional PD soon or join one of Megan's?
  2. What professional reading have you done to grow yourself?
  3. How is your growth mindset doing?
  4. Have you reached out to your new families in order to make sure we are meeting their needs?

You are appreciated and it is truly refreshing to work here. We've got this!

Important Dates to Save

Tier 3 Services continue before school (Mon-Thurs)

January 8

CoGat Teacher Training (K&2 only)

January 11 @ 4:00 PM

January Staff Meeting

January 16 @ 7:50 AM

Cultural Competency Meeting (all welcome!)

January 16 @ 4 PM

Starting & Getting Stronger with Notice and Note

8:15-8:45 in the BSE Media Center:

All Optional

JANUARY 11, 18, 25/ FEBRUARY 1, 8

CoGat Testing for K and 2nd Grade

January 15-26

RTI Parent Letters Due (new RTI kids)

January 26 in Fatima's mailbox

Bear Breakfast

January 26

RTI Follow Up One on One Meetings

January 25 - K-2 Grades

February 2 - 3-4 Grades

February Staff Meeting

February 15

Recess Supervision

NEW SECURITY CAMERAS: We now have 9 cameras that allow us to view the majority of the playground, buses, office, front drive, and loading dock. The technology allows us to go into the system and review film at any camera view at any time. We can zoom, time stamp etc. Central office also has access to our cameras at all times.

It is pretty great technology and has already allowed us to help a few parents who were not acting so safe at car pick up. When we have major injury or discipline issue I'll review the film to ensure that we had proper supervision in place. We are 100% liable for our students and their safety while they are at recess and this is why we MUST keep ourselves spread out in the different zones and scan the area consistently. Here are a few key rules to follow to ensure that we don't have a liability issue during recess:

  • SPREAD OUT: We have a huge playground, ensure that you and others are covering a zone. (Students should not be on the hill, have a teacher in that zone keeping kids off, looking inward at the recess grounds.)

  • NO PHONES: If parents observe us or we observe on a camera that teachers or IA's are on their phones we are not fulfilling our promise for proper supervision.

  • SCAN YOUR ENVIORNMENT: Be proactive and intervene when you things begin to escalate. Be quick to take action.
  • BE HONEST AND ACCURATE: Often times we will have discipline issues or injuries that are accompanied by very graphic and horrific details of events. After reviewing our tapes we find that the incident was far off in detail from what was shared. Be honest, be accurate, and be non-emotional.

RTI One on One Meetings

Grades K-2 will be held on January 25.

Grades 3-4 will be held on February 2.

These meetings are to discuss updates with fresh data in order to continue intervention or determine as a team if adjustments to plan for behavior or academics are needed.

All teachers will need to sign up for a time slot if one or more children are currently receiving Tier 2 or Tier 3 services.

RTI Referral Forms Doc (for any child not currently receiving RTI but you're recommending them to.)

Sign up here for your one on one by choosing your grade level tab.


Aimsweb will be used for ALL progress monitoring for reading and math interventions unless the team decides otherwise. At this point, all children receiving support should be entered into the system and progress monitored at least once before the end of January. I understand a few adjustments and changes may have occurred after November RTI one on one meetings. The only manual entering that should be occurring still is for M-Cap and M-Comp measure for math. All literacy assessments should be done digitally!

Please ask for help from Fatima prior to January RTI one on ones so that you can be up an running to show progress by then. Entering students into the system directions can be found here.

Morning Meetings & Greetings

How many days a week are you able to greet your children at the door when they arrive? Usually when this time rolls around, we find ourselves out of this routine. Remember how much that few minutes helps you throughout your day and strengthening your relationships. Take the time to greet your children even if it's simply to say good morning.

Have you been thinking about conducting morning meetings or afternoon circle time? There are colleagues at every grade level that have this as a practice as a daily routine and reap great benefits from the time. Most importantly, we work so hard building relationships with children and this daily time allow for children to sustain these types of relations with one another. The entire environment and family feel of the room changes when a daily practice to use one another's names and have some fun are just what we do!

If you are considering implementing this reflection and goal setting time into your classroom and need resources - check with teammates or reach out to Megan Thompson @

Environment Check - Make Learning Visible

We can celebrate being able to tell our instructional stories outside of our classrooms on our documentation walls. We have figured out different ways in which to do this over the last couple years. What's next for your classroom?

What does the next Unit of Study offer for collaborative thinking and inquiry? Talk to your teammates and explore new ways to tell your story for second semester and refresh the walls with current stories.

There are many in this building that enjoy this part of documentation and are really good at telling about the purpose, process, and product using kid language and images. Ask for help...but you're probably one of them!

It's also a great time to step back into the center of your room and look around at the walls. Ask yourself what needs refreshing and can now come down? If you're not sure, ask the children. "What can we take down to make room for new tools for new learning?"

Collaboration with Mrs. Kussy

A new semester brings new adventures!

Who is ready to collaborate?

In what ways would you like to collaborate?

The possibilities are numerous.

Please find me or email to set a time to meet and plan. That is all it takes.

The rewards are great and the students succeed!

Parents are Partners

There are moments when we need to make phone calls regarding RTI or discipline and those phone calls warrant communication. But what about simply to learn more about a family and touchbase now that parent conferences are long gone and the children are a whole half year older?

Parents are always asking questions and wondering about what we do everyday. Call them and tell them! Even when they email - if it's an opportunity to pick up the phone and share something exciting about their kiddo while answering their quick question - do it. The question is when? Only you can answer that.

Testing Season Has Arrived

CoGat us up first with only Kinder and most 2nd graders. Teachers will be administering the screener inside classrooms and the children that qualify for the post screener will be pulled out. Please be aware of testing as you walk the hallways to and from areas.

Mrs. Rogowski will oversee training and answer questions.

Training for K and 2 teachers will be in the Art room this Thursday January 11. Please bring your laptop.

Cave Time - BSE Professional Learning Community

There is no time like now to reflect back on our first semester of PLC. The team is probably fine tuned as to knowing one another well and being willing to help each other out as needed. How can you continue the momentum as you take advantage of the remaining Mondays left this school year?

  1. Are you taking advantage of meeting in different classrooms to observe different environments?
  2. Are you revisiting your norms and adjusting as needed?
  3. Are we all contributing and challenging one another's thinking?
  4. What has your team designated as the best way to determine if children are learning and how to measure this?
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Two Hour Delay - NO Student Activities

Reminder that if you are a club teacher that you must cancel your morning sessions during a two hour delay and or full day due to weather. Thanks for communicating this with all club parent participants coaches.

Click here for Revised Delay A/B Schedules (Lunch & Specials.)