Jack Sheplak

Parents Should vaccinate kids

Parents should vaccinate kids because:
* Thousands of kids die of measles each year
* Germany is battling a measles outbreak 10 times worse than the US
* Parents that didn't vaccinate kids have caused a measles outbreak
* Some doctors will not see a non vaccinated patient
* Non vaccinated kids caused an outbreak at DisneyLand
* The Vaccine debate has caused a lot of illness and commotion

That is why I believe parents should vaccinate kids

Why they shouldn't

Here is why they shouldn't:
* They think vaccines may cause Autism
* There are quacks that hope to use vaccines for other reasons
* Parents should have the right because it is a free country and they need to be informed

That is my reasoning for not vaccinating kids.

Here are some Pictures


Right now, there is a huge debate going on about whether or not parents should vaccinate kids. But when everybody has been arguing about it, there was a major outbreak of measles at DisneyLand in California. It then spread all over the US and has sparked a major argument.

What I think

What I think is that parents should have to vaccinate their children because if they don't there will be a major outbreak of many illnesses and diseases and not only measles. This will not be good for the US, and vaccines could help prevent this!