Mrs. Sikorski


We as a team are a family here in north zulch. We fight until the end. we push through when were down and we always stick together. practice is always fun even if were doing the same thing everyday. at our school we all grew up playing softball, since we were four years old. every school has "their sport" the sport that your school is best at. and softball is our sport! is always enjoyable to hit the fresh cut grass and get to work.

explaining the game

In softball you have nine players, centerfield, left field, right field, first, second, third, shortstop, pitcher, catcher. softball is like going to the club, the infield are the people in the club having fun. the outfield are like the bouncers, if the people get past the bouncer their screwed. and if the ball gets past the outfield you're done for. When up to bat you get three chances to to get a hit. and the pitcher can only pitch four "balls" before you get to "walk" to first base. You always take the barrell of the bat to the ball and you have to look it in in order to get a good powerfull hit.